Why you like to Pursue an Education in Nursing

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Why you like to Pursue an Education in Nursing.

Why you like to pursue an education in nursing

The choice to pursue a nursing career was easy to make as I feel obligated to bring happiness to others and make a meaningful change in their lives. My understanding of the nursing profession is that it offers a meaningful career that is filled with many rewards, opportunities and challenges.Why you like to Pursue an Education in Nursing. In practicing as a nurse, I will have the change to improve the wellbeing of others.


There are five points that summary my reasons for pursuing an education in nursing with the intention of having a nursing career. Firstly, it is rewarding to work under the pressure of making life-and-death decisions and then have a patient or family member come forward to appreciate the effort applied in care delivery. Secondly, the education involves learning a diverse range of skills thereby breaking the monotony of simply focusing on a single skill. Thirdly, there is room for professional growth with different specializations.Why you like to Pursue an Education in Nursing. Nursing has varied career pathways that pursue different interests at different levels of education. Fourthly, nursing is a high demand job. There are existing nurse staff shortages with the situation expected to worsen as the population ages following advances in medical sciences. This shortage means that there is always room for more nurses to be hired with students having the opportunity to immediately get employed upon graduating. Finally, nursing focuses on making a difference by helping people in need. From midwifery to pediatrics, there are many areas where nurses can make a positive impact in the life of others. It is not uncommon for patients who have received care with positive results to remember and praise the efforts made by nurses. It is for the mentioned reasons that I seek to pursue an education in nursing.Why you like to Pursue an Education in Nursing.