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Concept Analysis: Wellness Essay Examples

The concept of wellness or fitness is important in relation to occupational health and the nursing profession. Nurses are uniquely positioned to influence the health and wellness of their family members, colleagues and community members. They are in strategic positions to lead the way in addressing the client’s fitness because of their holistic approach to client illness or injury and their emphasis should be directed towards client communication.
The purpose of this paper is to review at least 3 peer-reviewed resources that will be able to identify the characteristics or attributes of the concept of wellness. The concept of wellness is important to nursing research study since the promotion of health and prevention of illness are dictated based on the needs of the community through the services and programs left at the care of nurse-managed health care centers. Hence, the nurses have the duty to keep the community members well-informed of the benefits and the ways to gain, maintain and improve personal fitness and wellness.Concept Analysis: Wellness Essay Examples
– Concept Definition
The concept of wellness is synonymous to the term “fitness”. The concept of wellness been used in nursing research refers to the overall healthy balance in the well-being of a person that is composed of the body, mind and spirit, that will maximize the potential of every human being. Wellness is a concept whose defining characteristics include building upon individual strengths and optimizing one’s potential can be broadly applied in the nursing profession.


For this study, the peer-reviewed articles that will be used in the discussion on the concept of wellness in relation to older adults will advance nursing knowledge about promoting continued growth among older adults, and simultaneously guiding care for their changing and diverse needs (McMahon & Fleury, 2012, p.39).
With an enhanced understanding of the concept of wellness and fitness, nurses can improve program planning, development, marketing, and evaluation. This will enable the nurses to be able to exert a more positive impact on the fitness levels of their clients, and in return shall result to increased strength and endurance, production level, lesser injuries and decreased health-related expenses (Byczek & Levin, 2003, p.385).
– Attributes and characteristics
The attributes that define the concept of wellness or fitness can be characterized by a high-level wellness covering the body, mind, and spirit are an interdependent whole (McMahon & Fleury, 2012). Every person strives to achieve purpose in living and growing in wholeness toward maturity in self-fulfillment. The characteristics of wellness refer to the balance of the six dimensions in life which include occupation, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being (McMahon & Fleury, 2012).Concept Analysis: Wellness Essay Examples
These attributes or characteristics have not been identified specifically to a particular population since wellness can vary in every age group or bracket. IV. Nursing Research
This concept been explored in nursing research has been included in nursing grand theories that integrate wellness either expressly or impliedly. For example, the Neumans’ system model emphasized on the wellness of a “client system” is in connection to the environmental stressors and reactions to those stressors. Another theory is Roger’s science of unitary human beings, which did not differentiate health, wellness and illness from each other. But rather, he considered them as value statements assigned by members of the community which may vary with culture and time. Finally, the humanbecoming theory of Parse conceptualizes health and wellness as continually changing processes that had been established and interdependent with personal commitment, environment and others (McMahon & Fleury, 2012, p.43).
The theory of Parse can be applied for this research since it involves the wellness in among a older adult group for the purpose of maintaining balance values with life changes and by motivating their personal growth and health.
This concept can be applied to promote wellness in older adult group to help them establish and modified value rituals that enhance interactions and promote continual development. This concept be applied to a nursing research study involving older adults since it will also help them in their day-to-day experiences which parallel with their personal goals that may be fostered by simultaneous emergence of new and positive health patterns (McMahon & Fleury, 2012, V. Conclusion.Concept Analysis: Wellness Essay Examples