Ways Of Skills Improvement In Medicine

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Ways Of Skills Improvement In Medicine

A curious mind with an aptitude for sciences, combined with communication skills, teamwork skills and a persistent pursuit for knowledge showcase my appeal for medicine. With the advancement of modern medicine proving to be beneficial and significant, I’m very thrilled to be under this influence and help patients to a degree of total satisfaction. My dedication and commitment to work experience and academic activities elevates my passion for medicine.ways Of Skills Improvement In Medicine

My enthusiasm for medicine broadened when I attended a medicine admissions conference at the university of Liverpool. This gave me the opportunity to talk to undergraduate medical students and doctors to discuss life as a medical student and as a doctor in terms of responsibilities, expectations and opportunities for the future. The practical workshops involved allowed participants to expand and build on their communication and teamwork skills.

One of the doctors that gave me an insight into his profession of neurology inferred that a life embedded with medicine can be difficult to endure and that the best doctors cannot help everyone to the best of their ability. Prior to this I wanted to explore medicine from an emotional aspect; I read Do No Harm by Henry Marsh, in which I gained a new concept of empathy and how communication plays a vital role in all areas of any profession in medicine.

During my placement at a G.P, I was able to comprehend exactly what was needed of a doctor and how one couples all the mandatory skills to be successful in this line of work. With an uncompromising amount of time balanced with a busy clinic, I was able to see how the G.P retrieved relevant information from his patients methodically and kept in line with his time management. For one of the patients that was seen during my placement, their blood pressure was abnormal for the average person in that age category.

The G.P acted promptly and referred the patient for a blood test at a secondary clinic as the symptoms assessed corresponded to kidney disease. For me this demonstrated how confidence is essential when identifying potential threats to a patient health and how G.Ps manage to educate patients of their health with a respectful, composed and factual manner. To develop how critical it is to consider the minds of patients in terms of health concerns and demands, I decided to take a 3 day placement at DrugMart pharmacy. ways Of Skills Improvement In Medicine

During this placement I enhanced my communications skills with patients and also familiarised myself with different medication and how they are used. I dealt with collecting medication with correct amount of dosage, in which the head pharmacist reviewed before packaging. This experience allowed me to acknowledge once again the need for communication skills of a high standard and how the pharmacist used this to interact with public to offer advice and services of treatments, such as cholesterol checks, and proving to being reliable at all times when aiding patients on how to use their medicine and delivery of prescriptions to those in need.

From November 2017 to July 2018, I volunteered at a care home, in which I helped the staff by feeding, moving and talking to elderly patients-this proved to be very rewarding. With the task of babysitting my younger siblings and experiences at Abbeydale carehome, my caring and practical skills have vastly improved as throughout my work experiences and daily life, these key skills were constantly tested. I also learnt how the vulnerability of each resident meant that patient care, dignity, respect and safety was always embodied within the care home with the presence of a collective multidisciplinary team.ways Of Skills Improvement In Medicine

In Year 12, I was approached with the proposition of organising one on one reading sessions with children, who have disabilities such as dyslexia; a session every week for a 8 week period. I thoroughly enjoyed listening the child and witnessing improvements in literacy in terms of the boys’s grades for written based subjects and personal gains for the future. Also I was able to accomplish the bronze crest award and this project challenged and developed my problem-solving, communication, teamwork and enquiry skills. Furthermore I integrated these skills to create a successful project that achieved the award. I am hopeful of completing my silver crest award by December this year.

I am currently employed at Townhead Post Office and with continual intercommunication with the public and work colleagues, I have the ability to quickly rectify a matter accordingly and offer a great service to all customers without exception. With conversation with medical students and doctors, work experience, and volunteering all achieved, this illustrates the ultimatum of the evolving profession of medicine. With my current level of skills that yet to still improve, my commitment, dedication, responsible nature and desire of assisting people, I believe I have the attributes to become a doctor.ways Of Skills Improvement In Medicine