Waiting Issues In Healthсare

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Waiting Issues In Healthсare Assignment

An estimation done by Press Ganey indicates about 22 minutes are spent by an average patient to see a doctor in a clinic. Health care providers can be kept waiting for a long time due to many reasons. In most cases, unusual delays can be caused by the possibility of an emergency. Several of the practices look like pretty consistent since you can they rarely make you wait, or you can always keep waiting. The issue is due to patient time and money philosophies; the extent of the value of their patients’ time; and their capability to operate an efficient and smooth practice adopted by healthcare providers.Waiting Issues In Healthсare Assignment

A good philosophical and financial decision encourages and embraces the practice of not keeping patients to sit and wait for a very long time in the room. The patient’s time requires respect the same way healthcare providers respect their own. Their everyday schedule should be flexible to accommodate patients who take longer time than expected or in case an emergency arises. They should create a conducive environment in their schedule to enable the smooth flow of people in and out without causing any commotion and frustration among the patients.


A distinct perspective is demonstrated by a practice that makes you wait. They encourage practices such as over-booking multiple many appointments to accommodate for some “no-shows”, and at same time encouraging patients to visit for a longer time and un-scheduled procedure to increase and maximize daily revenues.

Reducing the problem of waiting time.
One of the big complaints among patients is waiting time. Many of reviews on doctors indicate that the common concern among patients is ling wait time. The problem of long waits at the offices for doctors continue to be a bitter point between the relationship of doctors and patients.Waiting Issues In Healthсare Assignment

Wait tracking systems are used by some offices for doctors and several doctors to relay information to patients on their wait times, so less time is spent by patients in waiting rooms. The success of any medical practice depends on the satisfaction of patients. If patients are not satisfied with their doctors, they will change to another medical practitioner making the issue serious to handle.

Since scheduling is vital to tackle the problem of long wait times, an effective solution to reduce the problem of long waiting time is the use of queue management systems that make use of computer scheduling algorithms. The algorithms can reduce patient waiting times by optimizing the appointment process. The system can also be used to remind patients to be in on time. Wait time reduction and patient satisfactory can greatly be reduced by use of wait time tracking systems. The uses cell phones to alert patients of their turn and give them access to the queue. Waiting Issues In Healthсare Assignment