Values and Spirituality within Healthcare

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Values and Spirituality within Healthcare Policy

As mentioned, abortion is one topic that is often dependant on the spiritual beliefs and values of the policy makers. While it is true that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of supporting a woman’s right to have an abortion, it is possible that with the new republic government Roe vs Wade could be overturned . The most likely method of this occurring is through the upholding of more restrictive abortion laws by conservative republican judges . If this were to occur then a women’s ability to choose would be greatly compromised. As well this would be a step backward from the current mindset of healthcare reform which, as was mentioned, is driven by the public needs. However, this mainly occurred when the democrats were in power. With a new republican government only time will tell if this trend of health care reform will remain. Values and Spirituality within Healthcare Policy


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As mentioned democrats are usually for health care reform whereas republicans are often against reform. Typically republicans tend to be more religious than democrats . With a new republican government the early indications are that there will be a repeal of the democratic reforms. Already there have been several restrictions imposed. After taking office there was an executive order signed which provides a guideline for agencies to limit the Affordable Care Act . In particular this order is the first step in the process to repeal the act. This repeal could be a major problem, as currently there is no replacement plan which has been publically discussed . However, as the Republican Party, due to their core beliefs, tends to focus on plans which decrease the burden on businesses this could lead to an increased number of individuals without health insurance.


As mentioned one area which is often difficult for policy makers and political parties to agree on is that of LGBT rights. I agree that it can be difficult to alter rights, including LGBT rights. However, there are several ways that governments can do this. The first is through the placement of supreme court judges whose ideologies are against the protection of LGBT rights . This would mean that they would be more likely to make rulings which impose restrictions on LGBT rights. Another way could be to allow for individuals to use religion as a reason to discriminate against LGBT individuals. Something which has been proposed by the new Attorney General with his support of the First Amendment Defense Act . If this were to occur this would be a major step backwards for LGBT, and would encourage discrimination against people who identify as LGBT. Values and Spirituality within Healthcare Policy


As mentioned “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a concept which can be used to ensure that all religious groups work together to ensure basic freedoms. However, while individuals should follow this rule in the US this is not always the case. For example the US is one of the few developed countries which do not guarantee access to healthcare. This means that every year there are deaths that occur which could have been prevented with proper healthcare access . Therefore, while the US is a melting pot, it is not an equal melting pot. Therefore while I agree that it is important that religious Freedom be allowed, it is also more important that all individuals set their religious beliefs aside and focus on ensuring that all Americans have equal access to health care services.

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Values and Spirituality within Healthcare Policy