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Vaccination: Pros & Cons Essay

Many of the world’s population are opposed to vaccination and others are not. The ones that are opposed have their reasons from studies done. Their belief is that the vaccination is proven to be unsafe, due to its ingredients, unnecessary because it’s rare and loss of trust in FDA and CDC department. A recent news in CDC, they created LYMErix for Lyme diseases and was licensed through the FDA. After on-going business with this vaccine, four years later, it was found linked to caused autoimmune arthritis. Lawsuits were filed against them three time and another product was removed known as rotavirus. The rotavirus was causing a bowel obstruction among a few of the population. The attitudes towards this immunization is growing and more are becoming opposed to the unnecessity and effects to the person’s body.Vaccination: Pros & Cons Essay

The perspective on vaccination has altered people’s mind from online worldwide. Many people will provide you false information because they didn’t have the evidence to backup their story. People are hypnotizing each others into believing that it’s unsafe and other reason being. This information that has developed in their brain has caused it to go from short-term to long term. “Because it takes more cognitive effort for people to update their beliefs in light of new information, such strategies often just end up reinforcing the myth.” (Linden, 2016) Intervention programs went into details about the attitudes on vaccination with doing an experiment on five thousand random people from the population. In this case, the researchers used random-sampling, which is one of the common things that experimenter/scientists do. They observed their reactances towards the immunization. The reactances were whether it’s based on their belief, behavioral, sensitivity of blood or belief in theories like the internet.Vaccination: Pros & Cons Essay


The article on how to change minds about vaccine safety and the journal of anti-vaccination attitudes both played a role in the reactions towards this immunization. The journal that was chosen was very-well organized in each paragraph, it focused on one particular topic like beliefs on vaccination and the other paragraph would be about the disgust of needles. On vaccine safety article, it listed all the misconceptions people believe and the two main common lack of effort issues. Another difference of these two was that the article was more into persuading people about that the vaccine is good. The journal surveyed a variety of the population and gave the real reports of their natural reaction towards the vaccination. Also, the journal had a Means and Standard Deviations Across 25 Samples table from different countries. The reports were filled with their reasoning of the reaction towards the immunization shot. The article contained a study with medical scientists of ninety percents of them believe is safe. Peered-review researched articles are strictly-detailed with their research done and is the most reliable sources. Vaccination: Pros & Cons Essay