Understanding Of The Concept Of Sorrow

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Understanding Of The Concept Of Sorrow

According to the Oxford Dictionary, sorrow is defined as a feeling of distress caused by a loss or misfortune. Whether it’s a loss of a family member, a loss of someone who meant a lot to you, or even feeling sorrowful for someone else, sorrow is something we all experienced or will experience. I believe a life without sorrow isn’t a complete life and that everyone should experience sorrow and be able to cope with it. What I mean by this is sorrow can hurt you, bewildered you, and weaken you but without these feelings, you won’t be able to learn from your mistakes or live a better life. All the mixed emotions make you think more about the way you’re living life, it changes you internally. We can refer to this as “good pain”, feeling sorrowful is one example of “good pain”. Furthermore, Sorrow can relate to almost anything in this world and we use it in our everyday lives, which is why it’s such a great word. Although the word brings negative thoughts to your mind, it could be the opposite. It really depends on who you are and how you proceed things. Which is what I’m going to go in depth on a bit later. For now, I want to focus on just sorrow in general.Understanding Of The Concept Of Sorrow

It’s safe to say that you only feel sorrow when the person or thing you lost was someone you love or respect. Therefore, the word sorrow is more than just “feeling bad” or “feeling sorry”. As I learn more about this word, I begin to make connections with it and I also realized how underrated the word is. Most people, including me, use the word “sorry” most of the time rather than using “sorrowful” when it’s appropriate to. Another thought I came across while learning about this word is the numerous definitions that it defines as.


There are so many possible ways you can use sorrow in a sentence. I recently figured out that you can use sorrow like this, “I sorrow for you and your sister”. I found this quite interesting because it’s so infrequent. This just adds on to how intricate this word can be yet so underrated. I can connect to this word on a very personal level. I’ve felt sorrow many times throughout my life, maybe even more than I should have. But it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve went through something sorrowful or felt that feeling, it’s about how you take that feeling and keep moving forward. Like I said, most people think “sorrow” is a negative or depressing word, however, it’s not for those who know how to overcome it. I’ve lost not one, but two of my family members that I admired. It hit me so suddenly when I least expected it. I was struck with fear and confusion. It felt terrible. Especially because I was so young at the time and still very immature. It’s what I did next that matters. As my old teacher Mr. Day used to say when I went to conference with him about overcoming sorrow, “You have to be able to flip the leaf around and start fresh and new”. As much as this made sense, it is easier said than done. Instead of actually moving on, because that wasn’t working, I decided to use the loss and turn it into motivation. My mindset flipped completely from black to white. Whatever I did, I promised I did it for them. You may be asking, motivation for what? That’s up to you, I use the motivation and take it into the sports I play, basketball and horseback riding. It’s a great start to overcoming the feeling. Of course the sorrows will stay with you but at least the confusion and depressing effect will be resolved. This is something I would like to encourage anyone to do.Understanding Of The Concept Of Sorrow

In conclusion, I’ve learned a lot about the word sorrow. It’s one of those things where you’ve heard of it and you know briefly what it is, but once you go into more depth, it’s such an interesting and meaningful thing. Which adds on to why sorrow is something someone should definitely experience and cope with. Like most people say, “You learn from your mistakes and loses”. Since sorrows are so relatable, learning from it is probably easy and tough at the same time. Which then leads me to the statement I mentioned about your mindset. Only you know what’s best for you during sorrowful times. The biggest thing I got out of experiencing sorrow is life lessons and growing mentally and I’m sure you will get the same things out of experiencing it. Mindset and reaction is what determines your future when you come across something sorrow. Understanding Of The Concept Of Sorrow