Treatment Vs Prision

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Treatment Vs Prision Essay

Treatment is a better option for addicts rather than imprisonment. Most Americans believe jail time is the “light at the end of the tunnel” when they are asked about drugs in their communities, according to Maria Moraeus Hanssen, CEO of the Drug Enforcement Agency. Drugs have became a villain that kills 44,000 people a year. According to medscape, the center for disease control estimate that 114 people die a day from drugs and how many end up in jail. There are many drug rehabilitation facilities in America. rehabilitation offers better options to help rehability an addict. Treatment Vs Prision Essay

There are several types are inpatient rehabilitation programs, such as, residential rehabilitation, detox, and outpatient drug-free rehabilitation. Not only does treatment keep people from going to jail, it also cuts down the draining cost that is being put into the jails. Per inmate ranges from $30,000-$60,000. Why don’t America put money into programs that will actually produce great results?Treatment Vs Prision Essay

According to Liz Lazzara, 73% of addicts complete treatment. Who gets the benefits? Everyone! According to Liz Lazzara, drug treatment can lead to reduced drug use, improvements in employment, relationship improvements, improved health, and improved public safety (Lazzara, 2015). Prisons, juvenile justice programs, and parole and other corrections programs make up about 5% of state’s budget. In less words and more numbers; $56 Billion. Although jails keep drug dealers off of the street, 68% of the prisoners go back to jail in less than three years. It will become an endless cycle and provides no help to the people. Is punishing people really effective? Maybe the real question is; why isn’t punishment effective? Popular psychologist and author B. F. Skinner studied human behavior. Skinner wrote that behavior that is punished is likely to reappear after the punishment is removed. Incarceration just leads to worse situations in most cases according to Liz Lazzara.Treatment Vs Prision Essay


Are addictions perceived as an public health issue? Are addictions worthy of medical treatment, or as a crime deserving punishment? Drug abuse in general is very costly to the economy. Addictions can cause other problems such as abuse, gang violence, and the act of various crimes. According to Dr. Walsh, president of CADCA (community anti-drug coalitions of america), people of lower socioeconomic status are at greater risk of drug addictions. “Incarceration does not work; plain and simple,” according to CRC Health Group. Statistics reveal that many addictions grow while in prison. In 2012, Gil Kerlikowske, the director of the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy said of the issue, “Drug addiction is not a moral failing of the part of the individual, but a chronic disease of the brain that can be treated”. Evidence indicates treatment is more effective than incarceration. Without available treatment and drugs that are easily obtained, how can we expect our prison population to achieve and maintain a minimum? Most former inmates return to jail in less than three years. Treatment leads to safe and better communities. Less money will be able to produce the wants of getting drugs off the street and helping addicts. Treatment Vs Prision Essay