The Terrible Story Of Child Abuse

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The Terrible Story Of Child Abuse

Imagine being afraid to go home after school everyday because you know what awaits you when you walk in the door. Look around you. All these people that you see seem average, right? There are guys, girls, dark skin, fair skin, tall, and short. 325. 7 million people live in America. At least 6. 6 billion of those are children that are or were being abused. Think about it! Statistically, how many people in this school have fallen victim to the hands of their abuser? The thought of even one should bring a wave of sadness through your heart. I was a victim.The Terrible Story Of Child Abuse

Everyday I wake up and hold my head high and remind myself that I am worth it. It’s not easy being a survivor of child abuse but I wasn’t given a choice. I struggle through each day, haunted by the memories of my past. Some victims aren’t that lucky though. They still struggle through each day and lay their head down at night knowing that tomorrow will be just like today. They know that the fear and sadness will be there when they wake up and the only relief they will have is when they lay their head back down at night. My story is hard to tell so I am going to tell the story of somebody that suffered things more horrible than a person could imagine.


The life of Adrian jones was very short. He had no friends, and he had no contact with good, kind people in his life. He was beaten, tortured, and, after giving up his fight, he was murdered in cold blood. The abuse he suffered from his father and stepmother was photographed. They had surveillance cameras throughout their rented home so that they could save the torture online. In several instances, the parents of Adrian took pictures of him strapped to a table with a rag wrapped around his head. It covered his eyes so he couldn’t see. In other pictures he was also photographed standing in neck-deep water in the family’s dirty swimming pool overnight. Still, in other photographs, his mouth and body were shown bruised and bloody. His teeth were black and dark yellow with rot and his hands were swollen and deformed from being restrained. In another picture, Adrian is shown tied up with a plate of food in front of him but he can’t eat it because he has a bar of soap in his mouth. He was referred to by his parents as “the boy. ” They forced him to stand outside overnight in the winter. He was constantly restrained with his hands behind his back. His parents would often feed him cans of cat food after throwing dirt in them and spitting in them. The last week of his life was spent locked in the shower in the basement of the house. He was kept in there and he was not let out. After suffering for almost seven days, he succumbed to his hunger and he died of starvation.The Terrible Story Of Child Abuse

There are audio recordings of him yelling His father kept his body in the house for two weeks until the smell of the body became intolerable. He then purchased pigs and placed poor Adrian’s body in the pig pen for them to feed off of. Records in both Missouri and Kansas were reviewed by multiple people and they showed an endless series of reports and hotline calls that informed social service and child welfare agencies of the abuse Adrian suffered. That tells us that he could have been saved! What is wrong with our world that people see pain and suffering and don’t do everything they can in their power to help people? He was a little boy of seven. Gone so soon. He didn’t even get a chance to live out his dream of being a football player. He died cold, hungry, and alone. The Terrible Story Of Child Abuse