The Role of the Pediatric Nurse

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The Role of the Pediatric Nurse Essay

A pediatric nurse’s primary responsibility is to provide medical care for young people, from birth until their adolescent years. While children’s bodies are still growing and developing, they require different nursing care than adults. A pediatric nurse attends to ill children, providing assistance with health care, monitoring and assessing a child’s growth and development.The Role of the Pediatric Nurse Essay

A pediatric nurse needs to complete four years study, and receive a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. They must then gain experience as a registered nurse (RN) preferably working with infants or children. They also need to be registered by the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCEX-RN).

The average annual salary for a pediatric nurse is $53,352.00 or $25.95 an hour. However pediatric nurses often chose to work in areas requiring specialist skills, increasing the national average salary to $55,000.00. Currently the highest paying area of pediatric nursing is recorded in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) with a 38% increase in salary. (Human Capital – May 2017)The Role of the Pediatric Nurse Essay


Both the local and national outlook for pediatric nurses is positive, with a predicated increase of 19% by 2022. (Nurse Journal – 2017) In comparison to other jobs in the United States, the growth rate is increasing at a higher rate than average. This increase in demand is likely to be influenced by a shortage of all kinds of nurses across America. (due to both our aging population and an increase in obesity related illness.)

For those entering the pediatric nursing profession, the demand for skilled and qualified nursing staff is high. Many nursing schools have formed partnerships with health providers, offering clinical placements, often equating to a transition into the workforce.

Pediatric Nursing offers many pathways for further career development, including pediatric surgery (requiring a further five years of surgical studies after completing medical school), or Pediatric Allergies; providing specialized care for conditions common in children.The Role of the Pediatric Nurse Essay

Pediatric Nursing requires so much more than just a nursing degree. A successful pediatric nurse also needs patience, empathy and above all they must genuinely enjoy being around children.

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The Role of the Pediatric Nurse Essay