The Problems Of Teen Pregnancy

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The Problems Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

Each year there is an accurate of 229, 715 babies are born in every year. At the age of 15-19 years, young women birth rate is 22. 3 per 1, 000 women. Now and Days teen are having babies left from right. This is also a reason why most people struggle when they are having children. Many young adult women have become drop out throughout these time. The reason why they are struggling to take care of these kids is because they are working for low wages at restaurants, stores, washer and etc. Many women even struggle to work because they might not have anyone to watch their baby are anything you can go on and on about the struggles of young adult teens. During these times many girls might not plan to have a baby it might just happen. So they may not even know that they are pregnant. This can cause the higher problem with the body. By having too much pressure or even stress, because they often stress when they find out because they might not know how they parents or the other person might take it. It can also cause for the girl to have high blood pressure or can cause birth defects on the baby such as being premature or to have low birth rate. Many young adults would be ask if they want any advice or anything about having babies but more likely some turn down that choice that are giving. But yes it can be very difficult to be young and having and before speaking for the information i have received on many website.The Problems Of Teen Pregnancy Essay


Many reason as we see today in the year of 2018, why teens are having more babies than adults are because they are having unprotected sex, pressure for sex, or sexual abuse and etc. In the year of 2017-18 is the most that that I have seen many teens pregnant. It is a lot of symptoms that these young women have to go through such as pain and all. I have seen a lot of teens around my school that have gotten pregnant at the same time but most of the pregnancy that have been going on in the past 2-3 years are coming for or teens that are 15-19 years old. If you are not sure that your is pregnant you would experience many symptoms such as: missed cycle, breast tenderness, nausea but probably only in the morning, vomiting, weight gain, swelling in abdomen, and also tiredness. You would experience all of those things throughout the day until you pass that trimester or horrible time during pregnancy.The Problems Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

Many people also suffer from being so sensitive and some maybe even stress. Stress is something that can cause a birth defect on a baby as they is born. It can cause that baby to grow up to be very stubborn. But yes, teen pregnancy can take a being toll on teens because it can cause them to have more than one baby. Which it would cause them to be depressed and to also struggle more than that have with the first one because babies are very expensive especially newborns because the go through the most diapers, formula, wipes, and clothes. SO images having to take care of not one but two babies.

Teen girls who have babies are that is pregnant, also struggle of being a single parent. Many teen father are scared that the baby would can their whole life in which it is, because when you have an baby your life is not going to be all about you because you is going to have to put your feet down to take care of the baby. This reason also is another reason why so many teen women struggle throughout those time during pregnancy or after pregnancy. Many girls who get pregnant don’t plan on have a baby but it tend to how. There are options that they can choose from such as abortion, plan-b, or adoption.The Problems Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

Me being me I would prefer for anyone to have an abortion because i am someone who is big time against people have abortion because they are killing innocent babies but adoption is something that i would kind prefer because you is not killing the baby but your is giving the baby away at birth but still see if you can be in the child life so that he can know who his biological mother and father is. I think every few weeks or trimester i think that you would have to go to the prenatal visits to check upon the baby these are time when you can tell the gender of the baby, hear the baby heartbeat, and to tell you how far along that you have become along during the pregnancy. They also tell you how healthy you are and also the baby. It is a lot of reasons of having those visit though. But also go if you are having signs or symptoms that you have never seen before such as: bleeding of the vagina, major headaches, abdominal pain, blurry vision, chills, pain during urination and etc. But yes it is a lot of things that can go on with teens that have babies are is planning to have one. As for what I’m saying it can be a horrible time for young adult teens during those time. That’s why I tell all my friends to not be a follower but be a leader because it not that easy as it seems to be, so just sit back and wait until you is financially stable and can take care of you and you baby without having to ask people for things that you could have gotten by yourself if your wasn’t in such as rush just because you see others with babies. And yes i give then lecture because as older people say “these kids are having babies like it a hobby”. So don’t let it fool you because it might seem so easy. Enough said about that, but don’t you people know that blacks have the highest rate of teens having babies out of all other races.

Our rate goes up 1, 000 per year for teen pregnancy. But throughout this all you teens are going to have a lot of do’s and don’ts throughout the pregnancy so that you and the baby can be healthy because teens girls already go through things that can make the baby have an birth defect because of the mother body so follow the do’s and don’ts that your prenatal care doctor gives because it is very important. But so of the do’s and don’ts are: take multivitamin, don’t smoke, gets a lot of sleep, do drink, do your workouts, no raw foods, and you can have sex if you want too. But back to topic as rate goes up this two ladies names Kearney and Levine have come out with this tv show called 16 and pregnant. They have come out with this show to study how teens are with their pregnancy and how complicated and it hard it is. As I watch so of these shows i can see that some of these young adult teens are really having so hard times with getting things settled, having to deal with the baby overnight, not getting enough sleep, having drama with the teen father, and even on some of the teens baby daddies have threw so of then teens girls out along with the baby because they couldn’t handle the pressure of having a baby. The young girl seem to go through some tough times with all the drama and everything that they have to go through. These types of things also have their parents thinking hard about everything which would have the teen thinking that they have let the whole family down. This also seems to make teen girls have low self-esteem about a lot of things to because it probably would make them feel like they are less of a person and everything. But many people are still studying about teen pregnancy and why the rate is continuing to go up. And the also are making many shows of study about teen pregnancy such as: teen moms, 16 and pregnant, one tree hill and Gilmore girls.The Problems Of Teen Pregnancy Essay


Many have said that some of the teens have done an outstanding job raising some of their babies and some have not have abortion, but have gave other family opportunities to have an great family also. But yes teen pregnancy have big effects on some teens life and to some other teens it is just like an walk in the park. So if you get pregnant make an decision that is just right for you because teens pregnancy is higher than and balloon in the sky, but may increase higher and higher because the rate is continuing to raise. The Problems Of Teen Pregnancy Essay