The Principle of Credibility

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The Principle of Credibility Assignment

Module 2 Assignment

The Speed of Trust, Part 2

Overview: The Principle of Credibility
Our credibility is such an integral part of who we are, that we often take it for granted. But think of what it would be like to lose your credibility, your reputation. How do you regain what you have developed over years? Think of some of the disgraced politicians or celebrities. As a nurse, your credibility is your most valuable asset.

This assignment is worth 15 points.


• Analyze the evolving professional nursing roles of leader/manager within a dynamic health care team

• Evaluate several management theories.

• Recognize several leadership styles and associated behaviors.

• Identify the leadership style that would be best for you.

Before completing this assignment, read the second section (p 27-124) of Covey’s The Speed of Trust.

In this assignment, you will write a short (1-2 pages), opinion paper. The paper is to be based on your own experiences and opinions. You should critically reflect on your personal experiences and apply what you have learned in the module to your current practice. Justify and explain your responses with examples and thorough explanations.

Consider a person you want to trust, perhaps a manager or an elected official. The Principle of Credibility Assignment

• Discuss how you might determine their credibility using the four cores of credibility discussed by the author.

• Discuss how this person might fall short in one of the cores.

• Reflect on your own leadership experience and ability. How do you see your current status using the four cores of credibility?

• How might you be viewed professionally using the four cores?

Grading Rubric




Needs Improvement

Not Acceptable

The Speed of Trust Part 2

Quality paper, with thorough content and minimal

grammar or spelling errors.

Good paper, but a few omissions in content or more

than 2 errors in spelling or grammar

Fair to poor paper, difficult to follow or

lacking in pertinent content, or many

spelling or grammar


Very poor paper, very late paper, or no paper at all.

15 Points





The Principle of Credibility Assignment