The Practice of Telepsychology

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The Practice of Telepsychology Essay

Information technology facilitates the practice of patient assessment. There are many computer programs designed to support diagnostic assessment.The Practice of Telepsychology Essay Technology tools, such as Electronic Health Records, are very popular today. According to researchers, Electronic Medical Records are helpful for effective care coordination. In other words, “policymakers could expand current health information technology policies to support assessment of how well the technology facilitates tasks necessary for coordination”(O’Malley et al., 2010, p. 177). Technology assessments are valid and reliable to evaluate the quality of health care and patients’ needs. The application of computer technology to assessment processes helps to organize this activity more effectively, saving time and improving efficiency of health care professionals. One of the examples from personal practice shows how technology helped my patient assessment processes.The Practice of Telepsychology Essay The practice of telepsychology is based on certain legal and ethical requirements applied to telecommunication technologies. Psychologists use telepsychology to assess the level of health care provided to patients through telecommunication technologies. Telepsychology includes a wide range of clinical services based on in

formation technology, such as interactive videoconferencing, text e-mail, a wide range of web services and mobile applications (Standing, 2012). The use of information technology in delivery and assessment of psychological services is considered to be an effective method to practice patient assessment. According to researchers, “without accurate assessment of health problems, any decisions made about a person’s care are likely to be unsafe and ineffective”(Standing, 2012, p. 124). Information technology helps to make the process of patient assessment more simplified. Generally speaking, computerized assessment tools are powerful, although they may highlight some ethical concerns, such as the lack of interpersonal face-to-face interaction, uncertainty regarding the informed consent of the patient, etc.The Practice of Telepsychology Essay