The Neural Network Establishment

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The Neural Network Establishment

Neural pathways
As soon as you take birth, your brain already contain a billion cells, or we can call them neurons. These neurons don’t exceed over these hundred billion capacity, but they keep on replacing with the old one’s (Neurogenesis). At the time an infant is born, the brain is still in recovery and complete its development around the stage of prematurity. A neuron can never achieve by its individuality, they always need to pair up to prepare for a command. Inside every neuron, there is one axon and one dendrite; axon stores and forwards the message, and the dendrite catches it in the other neuron. This way, a chain is formed and a message is prepared to be delivered, when this group of neurons, reaches your prefrontal cortex, the organ allows you to action your message.The Neural Network Establishment

This message is mainly delivered through your vocal chord, until there is a situation. This way, a neural network is established. The process of this establishment, is called neuroplasticity. Neural networks develop for every single object or living organism you encounter. Depending on the amount of time, these connections can be weak, strong or can break too, i.e, you can experience a change in perception. Alike a computer, neurons also work by codings. Plasticity and adaptability are such factors that give an understanding/ perception to trust on things and people. And brain is one of those organs, which always functions, either at consciousness or subconsciousness!


Every day we encounter with information in massive amounts, but we have trained our minds to focus on the things, which are either necessary or important to us on a daily basis. Attention is known for the things which we focus on. Relative to this is where people have different perceptions of seeing things. Everyone pays attention, but not necessarily in the same direction as you, this way we seek people who are looking the same way as us, and not the ones who pay attention to something else. Concentration is a key factor in this category. Mostly the people who work, or the entrepreneurs, try to increase concentration by taking time intervals or breaks to avoid overthinking, and so, they rest or get themselves out by shifting their attention on something else!The Neural Network Establishment

When it comes to memory, we tend to understand that our brain really can be a computer if we treat it carefully and upload only the files they don’t have a virus. Brain has a number of regions where it stores the memory. Learning is not possible if you are not able to memorise things. Basically, while paying attention on something that is really required for you achieve something important, we try to transfer the short term memory into long term memory.

These are the two sections of memory inside our brains, and long term memory has numerous pathways after short term memory is processed into long term term. It’s a three-section procedure of encoding, stockpiling and recovery where approaching information is short term or processed memory and will be rapidly lost if not merged. Encoding a memory is basic, whereas, with what success you’ll store it in future, is important for proper management of things. Inability to learn might be an element of deficiencies in this procedure of memory processing.The Neural Network Establishment