The Medical Textiles Market In India Economics

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The Medical Textiles Market In India Economics Essay.

Medical Textiles come under the class of proficient fabric. Medical fabrics are the merchandises and buildings used for medical and biological applications and are used chiefly for first assistance, clinical and hygienic intents. It consists of all those textile stuffs used in wellness and hygienic applications in both consumer and medical markets [ 1 ] .The Medical Textiles Market In India Economics Essay.


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Fabric has ever been a portion of health care. But it is merely late that its application has started traveling beyond the usual lesion attention and incontinency merchandises, plasters, vesture, bedclothes, etc. With latest inventions in fabric engineering, a broad assortment of woven, non-woven and knitted signifiers of fabric are progressively happening their manner into a assortment of surgical processs [ 2 ] .The Medical Textiles Market In India Economics Essay.



Medical Fabric
Excess corporeal
Health attention & A ;
Soft tissue

Hard tissue


Bandage, wound dressing, plasters

Artificial kidney, lever, lung

Surgical gowns and curtains, healthful serviettes, Diapers

The Indian market for medical fabrics, presently worth around US $ 500 million, is witnessing robust growing of about 10-12 % a twelvemonth. However, compared with a planetary market of US $ 8238 million, Indian market size is still really little [ 3 ] .

Harmonizing to experts, one of the chief grounds for India non bring forthing adequate proficient fabrics is a really high responsibility on the import of its machinery coupled with the demand for a high investing. This has automatically resulted in a high demand for imports [ 2 ] .The Medical Textiles Market In India Economics Essay.

Table1: Medical fabric market in India

Medical Fabric

Market size

Annual Growth rate

surgical dressings

US $ 154.43 million

5-10 %

health care fabrics

US $ 26.72 million

13-16 %


US $ 98 million

15-20 %

Sanitary serviettes

— — —
8-10 %


US $ 17.4m

5-10 %

Medical implants and devices

US $ 4.2 million

10-15 %


Healthcare fabrics comprise surgical vesture ( gowns, caps, masks, uniforms etc. ) , surgical screens ( curtains, screens etc. ) and bedclothess ( sheets, covers, pillow instances etc. ) . Healthcare fabrics can be disposable or non-disposable [ 4 ] .

Concerns over infection in the operating room have stimulated research into improved surgical gowns and curtains. Several surveies have confirmed the high quality of single-use surgical merchandises in footings of opposition to bacterial and liquid incursion. Further betterments can be expected for single-use surgical fabrics with new nonwovens and movies that improve barrier public presentation and comfort belongingss for gowns.The Medical Textiles Market In India Economics Essay.

In the reclaimable section, development has been concerned with the production of laminates, peculiarly spunbond-meltblown-spunbond ( SMS ) nonwoven structures [ 5 ] .

In India wellness attention fabric continues to be dominated by non-disposable nevertheless in the universe disposable fabrics are fast replacing non-disposables.

Market for Health attention fabrics

In line with the growing of the Healthcare sector, healthcare fabrics overall are turning at a rate of 13-16 % a twelvemonth. Healthcare fabrics are valued at US $ 26.72 million [ 3 ] .


Surgical dressings include wound attention merchandises and patchs. Wound attention merchandises include wound contact bed / absorbent tablet / base stuff / non-adherent dressings / perforated movies, while patchs include inelastic patchs /elastic patchs / light support patchs / orthopaedic shock absorber patchs / plasters /waddings / guazes / lint [ 4 ] .

Bandages are one of the most of import medical fabrics and have a scope of utilizations, including keeping of dressings, supplying support to articulations, forestalling the development of hydrops, exercising force per unit area on a limb, handling tegument diseases and supplying protection against physical harm.The Medical Textiles Market In India Economics Essay.

The fibres and cloths used for patch applications are dependent upon their intended maps. Warp-knitted spacer cloths, elasticated woven cloths, cannular knitted hose with elastane fibre, and nonwovens, for illustration, are widely used [ 5 ] .

Different types of patchs are gauze patch ( simple woven strip of stuff ) , compaction patch, triangular patch ( cloth cut into a right-angled trigon ) , tube patch ( woven in a uninterrupted circle ) [ 6 ] .

Fibrin patchs have been manufactured by saturating a biodegradable fabric with blood-clotting chemicals and an enzyme purified from human blood, which prevents inordinate blood loss in terrible hurts [ 5 ] .

Orthopedic shock absorbers are made of cotton and synthetics. These patchs retain their padding consequence in the moist atmosphere between tegument and plaster. The plaster of Paris patchs are made of cotton gauze stuff of leno weave fabric. The meshing yarn is impregnated in the plaster of Paris solution and dried to acquire the patchs [ 4 ] .

No individual dressing is utile for all types of lesions. Often a figure of different types will be used during the mending procedure of a individual lesion. An ideal dressing performs the undermentioned maps: care of a moist environment at the wound/ dressing interface, soaking up of extra exudations without escape to the surface of lesion dressing, fictile, thermic insularity & A ; mechanical protection, bacterial protection, gaseous and unstable exchange, soaking up of lesion olfactory property, non-adherent to the lesion and easy remotion without injury, debridment action ( remotion of dead tissue / or foreign atoms ) , non-toxic, non-allergic and non-sensitising ( to both patient & A ; medical staff ) , and sterile.The Medical Textiles Market In India Economics Essay.