The Health Of Health And Child Development

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The Health Of Health And Child Development Essay

The Right to Health

This essay is going to discuss and analyze the Right to Health, the importance of health and also how the Right to Health affects child development. The concepts and guidance to protect the health of children; the Right to Health emerged from the United Nations Children ‘s Right Convention (UN 1989) (referred to as the UNCRC). The importance and relevance of the Right to Health is covered by articles; three, seven, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five and thirty-nine under the UNCRC. The Right to Health is a heightened subject, which is a globally recognized as an issue. The concept of health has changed significantly, becoming more advanced and available. However there are still many countries within the world that do not have adequate quality and accessible healthcare.The Health Of Health And Child Development Essay


Children’s Health: The Key to the Future
As human beings living together on the same planet, all countries have a global responsibility to be concerned with the health and safety of its inhabitants. Throughout history, many nations have faced domestic or international turmoil with economical and political crises that have led to poor health outcomes. Some developing regions of the world have faced greater disease process and higher mortality rates than economically more stable countries. In response to improving the overall health status of the world, the 191 United Nation members developed the Millennium Development Goals in 2000. The eight distinctive but interrelated goals can be accomplished to alleviate the world The Health Of Health And Child Development Essay
According to the statistics, over seven million children under the age of five have died around the globe in 2010 (UNICEF, 2011). While nearly forty percent of these deaths occur before the age of one month, most of the children are afflicted with pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria or HIV/AIDS after the initial neonatal period of life (World Health Organization [WHO], 2011). Additionally, two thirds of the under-five mortality can be traced to treatable or avoidable health issues that can be remedied with proper basic health care (UNICEF, 2011). Due to the poor economical conditions and disease pandemics, the Sub-Saharan and Southern Asian regions have been sluggish in reaching their yearly goals that foreshadow their ultimate success for 2015. Much assistance is needed from international agencies to establish a reliable health care infrastructure and to coordinate resources to provide nutrition, basic health care and education to the women and children (United Nations Millennium Project, 2006).The Health Of Health And Child Development Essay

When planning activities for children and young people both indoor and outside it is important to take into consideration their individual age, developmental abilities and needs. It is important to do so because it allows room for development and progression at their own rate. For Example: When planning activities outside for children who either cant walk or are just learning them getting climbing out is not only innapropriate for their age but for their level of development as they are not going to be able to participate. Whereas getting walkers and body boards out on the playground are going to aid their movement and learning

The environment is a huge factor for considerations when planning for children and young people. We need to assess the space, furniture, light, noise and much more. When planning activities to try and aid children in the development of their language skills, doing so in a noisy environment or surrounding will only hinder their thought process and ability to express them. Whereas in a soothing, quiet, spacious room children are more inclined to engage in an activity and feel stable/comfortable with learning and taking in information.The Health Of Health And Child Development Essay

Us as carers have a specific duty to provide a safe and secure environment whether it is inside or outside. When planning activities we need to ensure we make children or young people’s safety a main priority and take into consideration the type of activity and what environment it would be safest to execute in. For example: planning and carrying out a movement activity on a climbing frame over concrete floor is likely to result in a lot if injuries and will put children at risk whereas carrying the activity out over tarmac with sponge mats on the floor will provide extra padding and barriers should they fall off.The Health Of Health And Child Development Essay

Health and safety are rules, regulations and policies put into place at work in order to keep the children and staff safe and to prevent accidents or injuries from happening. Every member of staff had to read the companies health and safety policy and sign to say that they have read/understood and abide by these policies at all times. In my work place we have a Health and Safety officer who is the nursery manager. It is her job to make sure the nursery is safe and secure, that we have fire drills, extinguishers checked and renewed

Health and Safety also applies to the cleanliness and sterilisation of a setting involving the care of children and young people. We have cleaning and sterilising rotas that have to be completed and signed off each week to ensure a clean environment. We also have a deep clean once a month that is used to focus on the proper cleaning not surface cleaning of the nursery. This also controls the spread of viruses and bugs. Should there happen to be a bug in the nursery such as chicken pox or conjunctivitis the managers will send an email to all parents to let them know and we will also put a notice on each room door to make sure all parents are aware of the symptoms and what action they should take if they felt their child had possibly contracted it. We have wet floor signs and other signs that we use to advise other staff members that there is a potential hazard and they either need to avoid it or take care and precaution then approaching. It is very important that all staff members know their environment. All staff have to complete a health and safety quiz which contains a floor plan print out of the whole nursery, they then have to go to each room and mark down break glass points, fire extinguishers, fire exits, first aid boxes and much more.The Health Of Health And Child Development Essay

There are many placed you can get information on healthy and safe environments both internally and externally. We have health and safety policies located within the staff handbook that contains information on manual handling, chemicals etc. all staff have to read and sign to say they have understood and will abide…

Health, safety and nutrition are three of the most important factors to consider when raising a child. In other words, every child should be raised with proper nutrition, good health and safety as possible, allowing him or her to grow with a great well-being. Something that I’ve learned about this class is that in today’s fast-paced world where the child’s safety and health issues are rapidly growing, more than fifty sites online present health and safety guidelines for the public to consider. These websites given to us has really opened up a door for me to look into my own life as well as my child’s development. The Health Of Health And Child Development Essay
This class and those three things have taught me about balancing my food choices to keep me healthy and to keep my sugars in check to keep me and my baby safe. I’ve really appreciated the knowledge from this textbook and through the websites on this matter. The Health Of Health And Child Development Essay

learned through this course, but I really found that the certain things mentioned in the above page have has gave me the knowledge I needed for my own health as well as my family’s!
What did I already know that was reinforced in this work?
In the above paragraph I have gained the knowledge on how to balance me and my family’s lifestyle. I already knew we needed to be eating health and staying active. It is hard to do so in a busy world. But, this course has definitely reinforced on how to stay healthy and fit and implement new things in my life. This course has also reinforced just as you should get a physical annually, your child needs regular well check-ups. Something further that I have been able to balance and reinforce is getting in a good habit is eating a variety of fruits and vegetables daily.The Health Of Health And Child Development Essay