The Diet Analysis Project Paper

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The Diet Analysis Project Paper

The Diet Analysis Project is designed to:

Assess recommendations for nutrient intake.
Analyze nutrient intake for adequate intake of Choose My Plate Food groups.
Describe food categories of ChooseMyPlate and unique characteristics and food belonging to each group.
/content/Term2021/475606-BSN1HUN_HUN1201675722/HUN 1201 Food Project Analysis Broward Spring 2020.docx

/content/Term2021/475606-BSN1HUN_HUN1201675722/HUN 1201 Broward Food Intake Record Spring 2020.doc


This learning activity and the grade you will receive are completely dependent on the effort you put into the project in the form of a PowerPoint. Students will record 3 days of dietary intake, using a tracker analysis tool, and provide an analysis with goals to demonstrate lessons learned. Be careful to follow the directions and examples provided.

Final PowerPoint projects should be the complete assessment of your personal dietary habits after collecting detailed data.

Students are expected to put some personal insight into the final presentation and submit a complete, written project consistent college-level work. This includes proper citation of references, proper grammar, correct spelling, and APA format style.

Projects submitted after the publish due date and time will not be accepted, per the Course Syllabus

The Diet Analysis Project Paper