The Biopsychosocial Model

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The Biopsychosocial Model Paper

Typical of health models which existing in health care field has been applied since mid-nineteenth century. Commonly they known as biopsychosocial and biomedical model which talked about speedily in the medical field. The biomedical model is recognized as dominant modern models of particular disease, which look at natural factors when evaluating and treating patients whereas biopsychosocial more worried about subconscious and sociological factors.The Biopsychosocial Model Paper
Biopsychosocial model is at first created by George Engel in the year of 1977. This model briefly represents the biology, mindset and sociology aspects which performed and found in the medical world. Biopsychosocial provide a rule for understanding the disease and attaining treatments and habits of health care in rational way. A medical model must take into account the patient, the social context in which he lives, and the complementary system devised by contemporary society to cope with the disruptive ramifications of the illness (Campbell, Rohrbaugh, 2006).

In compare, biomedical model focuses on the physical ways as pathology, biochemistry and physiology of an illness. It is not include the role of someone’s mind or society in the specific causes and treatments. Its focus is on treating the condition, not the whole person and generally involves seeking very specific causes for health problems and responding with specific treatments such as antibiotics for infections (Jones, 1994).

Physiotherapist known as a health care occupation cared with the real human functional mobility. Other than that, physiotherapists always give their hand to help and treat people who have physical problem either caused by disease, maturing problem or incident. In addition they identify and raise the movement potential through health preferment, treatment, treatment and professional medical prevention.The Biopsychosocial Model Paper


It uses physical approaches to promote, maintain and regain physical, mental and public well-being, taking account of variants in health status (CSP curriculum construction, 2002). These fact is tightly related to to the biopsychosocial model which presented at first by George Engel. Overall, physiotherapy is an independent career which able to detect disease and do their own scientific judgments and treatment. Additionally, they also researching their own tendencies and success and taking action as sensible solution to resolve and recognize the problems which referred to biopsychosocial model.

Biopsychosocial was well performed in reality life of individual, especially in medical field. Throughout a clinical placement, Mdm. L, a 54 yrs. old woman who was simply combined with her husband went into the electrotherapy room in physiotherapy department by the support of wheel chair. The physiotherapist that in control on the day, Mr. A, responsible to evaluate and treat the out-station patients. He starts with released himself and accompanied by greetings to her. Mr. A used biopsychosocial aspects to address and close to Mdm. L. He does in an exceedingly friendly, polite and sensible ways. These can avoid her from getting fear and make an effort to ignore the treatment in future.

According her medical statement, it mentioned that she was creating a bilateral knee pain, which analyze as Osteoarthritis (OA). OA thought as morphologic, biochemical and molecular changes of both skin cells and matrixes which lead to softening, fibrillation, ulceration and lack of articular cartilage, sclerosis and eburnation of subchondral bone, osteophytes and subchondral cysts (Porter, 2003). Thus, Mr. A adjudicates to give subjective and objective evaluation to Mdm. L. The purpose of the assessments is to understand the patient’s problem followed by the symptoms that lead to the patient’s complains.The Biopsychosocial Model Paper

The objective assessment comes after subjective assessment. Through the entire objective diagnosis, Mdm. L complained about tingling pain and numbness occurs on the both knees while doing daily activities such walking the stairs and squatting. Besides, she also offers joint rigidity in the early morning, which unable her to do flexion and expansion of her both leg bones, and aching on kept knee while sleeping on the night time. Hence, these serious conditions lead her to inconvenience in doing every single movement of the low limb. Thus, abnormal pain of the knee joint makes Mdm. L determines to use steering wheel chair to make her move easily from a place to another place. Her husband was prepared to lend a hand to help and support her. Concomitant with these signs and symptoms is a decreased quality of life associated with a lower life expectancy capacity to perform activities of everyday living (Hunt, 2008, p. 54).

Mr. A also gives a good discussion and impression to Mdm. L on the nice communication among each other. Mr. A keep sight contact and speak confidently to her, this make Mdm. L sensed comfortable and stay away from any anxiety. They able to communicate effectively and thus help on the assessments. In medical field, they emphasized that it is especially important to discuss the body regarding the implicit communication (Thornquist, 1990, p. 133).

Next, Mr. A commences with objective analysis. He observed the standard gait of how Mdm. L walks without wheel seat and every other supported equipment. In this way, Mr. A noticed the nervousness and unwillingness occurs on Mdm. L. She able to in a position to stand in stable condition but when she attempts to step forward, then she having unbalance condition. Every time she will try to flex her leg, there are limited flexion of her leg, and facing challenges on standing up from a sit. Incidentally, Mr. A gives trivial and major tolerant to the leg according to the 0-5 grade. This can help Mr. A to provide the wisest and appropriate treatment. After that, Mr. A have test for superior glide of patella of bilateral part to ensure that there is not stiffness occur between your patella and knee joint.The Biopsychosocial Model Paper

Mr. A explained clearly about the program and approximate time to achieve the target of the procedure. Indirectly these will give confident and desire to Mdm. L on increasing and keeping the useful and performance of her daily life. Mdm. L needs to avoid the negative minded and able to accept the procedure with wide open minded. Matching to Bates, 2004, embracing this grief and understanding how to understand and admit that thoughts of denial, position and dread are normal is the healthiest way to a good outcome.

Mr. A then gives Infra-red rays (IRR) to Mdm. L. She was placed to an in depth pack room with the equipment of IRR. Both knees were subjected under electromagnetic waves. Throughout this treatment, heat extracted from the rays was used to relief the knee pain. There was contraindication that ought to avoid on burned skin, skin soreness, and low blood circulation pressure, area of faulty blood flow and eyes destruction. The treatment was done around 15-20 minutes as the most effective effect of IRR.

After the IRR treatment, Mdm. L then asked to exercise utilizing the equipment called motormed. Mdm. L performed the cycling exercise for 20 minutes. She positions herself in an appropriate way to be able to support and make herself in relax condition during treatment. This wills adherence the treatment indirectly. Patient’s comfort during treatment procedure is supreme importance to their notion in the doctors, treatment and their capacity to relax when they go through treatment (Petty, 2004, p. 341).The Biopsychosocial Model Paper

Then, Mr. A gives comment about the nice success of Mdm. L although she noticed pain throughout the treatment. The treatment accompanied by the active exercise. For instance, Mdm. L is given the exercise which sit on a chair, then use both leg to seize a physio-ball and do the motion of flexion and extension by repeated action. Mr. A should use proper and standard language to talk to Mdm. L to keep the good understanding throughout the treatment. (SUPPORT)??

Not only mental and natural aspects were worried, as well as sociological of the patient. Mdm. L lives with her spouse in the next floor of the condo which located 12km away from hospital. She received 3 children who currently work and stay a long way away from her house. These business lead to lack of moral support which required by Mdm. L to be able to cope with the disruptive effects of sickness. 3 of her children should give social support instead of moral support. This can help to promote healthy behaviours and attitudes. (SUPPORT)

In final result, overall goals of treatment and return to function may be similar between patients; the treatment plan must be customized to meet each patient’s unique group of circumstances.The Biopsychosocial Model Paper