The Barriers To Implementation Of Evidence-Based Practice Essay

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The Barriers To Implementation Of Evidence-Based Practice Essay

What are the barriers to implementing EBP? Would you feel comfortable implementing a new practice based on one correlation study? Provide a rational.

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Evidence-based practice is a problem-solving technique regarding patient care by integrating well-designed evidence from studies and patient care, with clinical expertise and patient’s preferences and needs. EBP has led to effective healthcare practices because it channels a common practice for all. EPB is implemented to solve a clinical problem (Lehane, et al, 2019). The Barriers To Implementation Of Evidence-Based Practice Essay. The implementation process involves the stake holders, the hospital administrator, and the professionals of various departments. The process involves developing a clinical question or problem, conducting a clinical research in the relevant literature, evaluating the quality and validity of the literature, and disseminating the findings into clinical practice. This paper describes the barriers to the implementation of evidence-based practice. They are lack classified into individual barriers and organizational barriers.


Individual Barriers

Stakeholders are the driving force in the implementation of EBP. Individual barriers include lack of professional characteristics, lack of knowledge and skills, personal attitude and experiences, and language barrier (Delaforce, et al, 2020). Professional characteristics include poor choices of research tools and limited resources for conducting the study. The majority of the nurses and healthcare professionals lack adequate skills and knowledge in conducting research. Healthcare professional’s poor attitudes and experiences make them ignore the need for research in their practice. The language barrier between the patient and the care provider hinders understanding of the problem. Some researched work lack readable and understandable evidence. The Barriers To Implementation Of Evidence-Based Practice Essay.

Organizational Barriers

Organizational challenges that hinder the implementation of evidence-based practice are limited resources, lack of support and supervision, inadequate time, and lack of training or education (Nascimento, et al, 2020). The organizational stakeholders should provide adequate resources (financial and human) to facilitate the study. Lack of training on the use of evidence-based practice hinders its implementation. The organizational manager and department professional should team up to ensure successful implantation.


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