Team Role Bel bin Self Inventory

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Team Role Bel bin Self Inventory

According to Ennis (1987), critical thinking and skills practice is required in this module for student to have the ability to reflect questioning or doubt and to think in a reasoned way in order to develop their personal development as individuals, professionals and also as a team member. There are two of the activities are selected to be discussed in this assessment.Team Role Bel bin Self Inventory

Activity 1 of the Module: Team Role – Belbin Self Inventory
According to Dr Meredith Belbin, the definition of team role means that “A tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way”. (, 2012) An individual may identify their team role and knows their behavioural strength and characteristic weaknesses. We able strengthen our strength and manage weaknesses. We can know the team role we play in order to improve efficiency while we are in a team.


According to, there are nine team roles types of Belbin Team Roles Theory such as plant, resource investigator, coordinator, shaper, monitor evaluator, team worker, implementer, completer finishers and specialist.Team Role Bel bin Self Inventory

Reflection 1
After we identify our team roles, it lets us build good working relationships, develop high-performing teams and raise self-awareness and personal effectiveness. I am doing the test very seriously and I am having the score that describes my personality. I am a monitor evaluator. I also know that each team role has own characteristics and having the ability to contribute to a team. However, a team can’t have all the members with the same team. This team can’t be a perfect team because the strength and weaknesses are mostly similar to all members. On the other hand, the team can only be perfect with all members with different team role. However, almost people have a mix of roles. It didn’t mean a team must have nine people with different roles to be a perfect team. I also have dominant and subdominant roles. I am also a coordinator and team worker. My score is the highest for monitor evaluator and the score for coordinator and team worker is the slightly lower.

I learn that all team roles having different strength and weaknesses. I understand myself better after I did the test. I know about my strength and I can also manage my weaknesses. The coordinator is a person-oriented leader. The position that suit is chairman or the leader in a team. This person is trusting, accepting and is committed to the team goals and objectives. The weaknesses of a coordinator do not have a sharp mind and also don’t stand out in a team. Monitor evaluator contributes to the team at the times of crucial decision making. It is because they are capable to evaluate competing proposal. Monitor evaluator having a serious minded and tend to be slow in coming decision making because of thinking over and the decision never been wrong. The weaknesses are mind feel dry and boring or even over-critical. This person is bad in inspiring others. Team workers tend to keep team spirit up by allowing other members to contribute effectively.

I learn about the advantages that this test giving to me. I know my role play while I am in a team. I know how to position myself while I am in a team. There are a lot of advantages and a well balanced team is built. A team can be a perfect team with less conflict and enhance tolerance between members. It maximizes the contribution of each team member and minimizes the risk of mistakes being made. Each member knows they’re responsible. As a result, the perfect outcome generates from a team. I understand the task that I should complete and let all my team members do their best in their part.Team Role Bel bin Self Inventory

160-Belbins_Roles.jpg (500Ã-526)

Source from: (2002) Belbin’s team roles.

Activity 2 of the Module: Leadership – Culture of Trust
I am on team six in this course or class. We delegate the work to finish the task given by Mr Vedha. There are four members in our team. Tan Fhee Chin, Siew Ling and Cheong Siew Chin are my team member. We are working on the solution of how a leader create and sustain a culture of trust among his or her staff.

Leadership is a process whereby an individual can influence a group to achieve certain goals (Northouse, 2007, p3). There are five types of leaders. For examples, there are leader by position achieved, leader by personality and charisma, leader by moral example, leader from power held, and intellectual leader. A good and qualified leader must have a clear goal, a vision and purpose and also strong commitment. A leader must also a good listener, good problem solver and also a risk taker. There are two types of leadership style – democratic and autocratic. There are no perfect leadership styles. It is always space for democratic leaders hold an opinion and autocratic leader to listen to his subordinate.

Source from: (1995) leadership model – Tannenbaum and Schmidt continuum management theory.


Reflection 2
I understand the important of characteristic that a leader should have in order to let other to follow his or her step. A team or a group must have a leader in order to have effective work. My team never appoint a leader. However, there is a behaviour leader that guides us to complete the task given by the lecturer. We are brainstorming and checking the internet for the answer. We also do some explanation and discussion in the group. We wrote the answer on a presentation paper after discussion. I learn that the characteristics of a successful leader such as empathy, consistency, honesty, direction, communication, flexibility and conviction. (, 2008) A leader must be consistent in order to gain respect and credibility from your members. A leader must be honest and also have a clear direction by making a stand for the event that you believe in. A leader must also have a mission and vision to achieve. The followers will trust the leader who believes in the mission and works toward it.Team Role Bel bin Self Inventory

We have to do a presentation after discussion. Each of team members are taking turns to present in front of the lecture hall after the presentation point was written. Each of our members is trying to make further explanation with all the point written. My voice was with the same tone that let the listener to lose their interest in my presentation. My tone lets the listener to feel sleepy and bore. Mr Vedha pointed my weaknesses and I understand my weaknesses after this presentation. I try my best to manage my weaknesses and do not let audience to feel bored and loss of interest while I am presenting next time.

I gain new knowledge in this course. I begin to understand and foresee the society and the scenario that I have to face after my graduation. This course is very useful for me to understand the reality of the workplace. I perceive knowledge, skills and ideas that I learn from this course are useful in the future. The world is always changing and new knowledge will appear. I couldn’t stop to learn since I understand the importance of lifelong learning for some of the information and knowledge today may become invalid in the future. I should develop professional development and always have the skills and knowledge enhancement in order to sustain my professional development.Team Role Bel bin Self Inventory