Success in Public Health

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Success in Public Health Research Paper

Being adaptable, cooperative with others as well as being responsible are three personal characteristics required for success in public health. This is what I learnt in an interview with my mentors. They told me stories of how some great public health professionals succeeded in the field because of those important characteristics. I also believe that I have these characteristics, as I have explained below. This is especially because I want to be successful in public health so that I can positively change the lives of many people, have a better career and life in general.Success in Public Health Research Paper

Success in Public Health
Firstly, being adaptable is important because it helps public health professionals to assess and solve challenging situations. I learnt being adaptable to new situations when engaging in community clean ups. For instance, I sought an interpreter for a community who I was explaining about the positive effects of vaccinating children against polio. Adapting to the situation by using an interpreter helped me convince many community members to accept vaccination. My friends used ineffective native language to convince some mothers but failed. The mother could not clearly understand why the exercise was important.


Secondly, being cooperative with others in public health is vital because public health professionals have to work with and through others in providing public health services. I believe am cooperative with others because I have worked well with my teammates to teach young people about HIV/AIDS and its dangers. By cooperating with my teammates we were able to convince many youths to get tested. The young people looked very skeptical. I know we would not have convinced them if we were working alone.Success in Public Health Research Paper

Thirdly, public health professionals must be responsible because they have to protect the health and well-being of communities. Dealing with communities has helped me to become responsible by leading my team in community projects especially cleanups. For example, I always recheck my team’s equipment. This has helped my team to successfully conduct community cleanups while other teams forget their supplies and equipment.

It is evident that public health officials are important to a community’s positive health and overall well-being. This means that it is vital that they have certain personal characteristics that enable them to succeed in providing public health services. I have shown that being adaptable, cooperative with others as well as being responsible are important personal characteristics that public health professionals need to succeed. I have also shown that I have these characteristics and will continue to nurture them. Success in Public Health Research Paper