Strategies in the Family Nursing Practice Essay

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Strategies in the Family Nursing Practice Essay

Credentialing is a process of paramount importance. Specialists can undergo this procedure both on the state and local (institutional) levels. In regard to family nurse practitioners (NPs), this activity is related to the obtainment of a certain title and documentation that will provide a specialist with an opportunity to function within the certain scope of practice. Importantly, individuals should always receive credentials from a regulatory body. The purpose of this paper is to discuss important issues in credentialing and review the strategies that can strengthen advanced nursing practice. Strategies in the Family Nursing Practice Essay.

One of the issues in credentialing is the state practice and licensure. According to the evidence, these domains are varied for different states. Therefore, to practice to their full authority, family NPs have to meet the guidelines imposed by their particular state. At present, less than half of the states have advanced this authority. When functioning in different settings, specialists frequently have to meet new requirements (Black, 2013). Strategies in the Family Nursing Practice Essay. It implies that they have to decrease their practice size to cooperate with other professionals forming multidisciplinary teams. In other instances, they have to function under supervision.


Prescriptive authority is another challenge faced by family NPs. Despite the fact that several initiatives have been proposed to unify the requirements for practitioners, the regulations are still varied for different states. There is no single standard for prescriptive authority; therefore, specialists have to be aware of the existing differences and perform within the limits existing in each particular locale (Black, 2013). Strategies in the Family Nursing Practice Essay. Depending on the region, specialists need to have different education hours in pharmacotherapeutics and meet other factors that will allow them to perform their duties. Moreover, DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) numbers are state specific. Thus, specialists have to obtain a new registration in every region where they intend to practice.

Reimbursement is also an issue of paramount importance. NPs should have an impact on health policy to ensure sufficient compensation (Black, 2013). The existing reimbursement patterns are rather constrained. Engagement from the side of Medicare and Medicaid services is essential to resolve this issue. Strategies in the Family Nursing Practice Essay.

The strategy revealing how the discussed issues will strengthen advanced nursing practice can be concluded to an understanding that the existing variations should be eliminated to make credentialing patterns unified. If the differences at the national level are liquidated, family NPs will be able to exhibit greater autonomy. Another approach is to determine the role of family NPs on the national scale (Black, 2013). If all states regard NPs similarly, the process of credentialing will also be simplified. That is to say, state boards, insurers, and other parties should possess unified criteria that they will observe in all specialists. In this case, they will be able to ensure patient security and manage certification in a similar manner while eliminating the existing barriers linked to the variations in the regulation (Black, 2013). National certification and reimbursement programs, as well as the approved scope of practice, will allow specialists to exhibit greater autonomy and bring the states into accord. Strategies in the Family Nursing Practice Essay.

Personal Philosophy
The author’s personal philosophy is based on three postulates. First, the author will strive for ensuring patients’ well-being by observing their security and health needs. Second, it is essential to deliver quality care that relies on the principles of evidence-based medicine and is ethical in its character (Hamric, Hanson, Fran Tracy, & O’Grady, 2013). Strategies in the Family Nursing Practice Essay. The author will cooperate with other specialists to reach continuity of care and ensure patient safety. Third, continuous education is an integral element of effective advanced practice; therefore, it is crucial to remain informed. Moreover, the author will make efforts to advance the nursing profession further.

Thus, it can be concluded that family nurse practitioners face numerous issues in their practice. Credentialing is the area that requires the attention from the side of the government and national-level organizations to ensure the existing challenges are addressed. Nonetheless, practitioners can also make a difference at their individual level by developing a personal philosophy that will encourage them to advance the nursing profession.

This paper will discuss the importance of the family health nursing for today’s nurses. It will also discuss the importance of understanding the history of the family and how it has changed and evolved. The paper will explore the concept of what constitutes a family today and will include a personal view of family health nursing.
Family as an important focus for nurses
In the ever-changing world of technology in the healthcare setting, it is important not to overlook the family as a very important part of caring for the patient. (Farvis, 2002 p.1) The family is an extension of the patient and one is dependent on the other members for providing emotional and physical support. “The family is the most important element in achieving and…
What affects one family member can have an impact on everyone.
Changing family To understand how the family is changing, one must understand the history of the family. Throughout history, a traditional family consisted of a father, mother, and children. The extended family lived close and functioned as a group. The industrial revolution began a change in the family structure as families moved to different parts of the country. The family structure also changed with women’s liberation and divorce resulting in single-parent households. Gay and lesbian movements changed the structure of the family from heterosexual couples to same sex parents.Strategies in the Family Nursing Practice Essay. The movement of marriage being a requirement for a family to a choice has weakened the family structure. With today’s families scattered all over the country, the matriarch, or patriarch of the extended family is far less able to keep his or her kin united, caring, and supportive of one another. “In these disconnected nuclear families, certain trends—workaholism, alcoholism, depression, severe stress, isolation, escapism, and a push toward continuous supervised activity for children.” (Laslett, 2002) The family today “Family refers to two or more individuals who depend on one another for emotional, physical, and financial support.” (Stanhope, 2004) Another definition of the family is “two or more people who are committed to
Family nursing is not all about patient centered care, it is focused on the needs of the family as a whole (Nursing theory). The main goal for family nursing is to improve any health concerns by assessing the needs,problems,influences, and strentghs of the family (Journal of nursing). There are four four types of approaches to family nursing. The four types of approaches to family nursing are, family as context, family as client, family as system, and family as component of society (the book). The purpose of this paper is to define, discuss, and give examples of the four types of approaches to family nursing. Strategies in the Family Nursing Practice Essay.

Family as Context
Family as context is the first approach that focuses on the patient while the family is in background. The family…
Family as System
Family as system is the third approach which focuses the whole family as the client pg (10). The way the families interact with each other will have influence on the nursing intervention (pg 10). There was a female patient that was diagnosed with terminal cancer in her mid-thirties. She was married with two children. When her two teenaged children found out the cancer was terminal, they broke into tears. The husband was in denial. He could not come to terms with the fact that his young wife had a couple months to live. I had to wait on the family interactions before deciding which nursing intervention to choose. I played the councelor role to the family so they can express their feelings. The husband was able to accept her diagnosis and he was her caregiver at home during her last couple of months.

Family as Component of Society
Family as component of society is the fourth approach that view families as a part of a variety of instituitions to society (pg 12). The family as a unit communicate with other organizations to receive, exchange, or give communication and services (p.12). A community nurse pays particular attention on the interface between families and community agencies (pg 12). I had a patient that was suffering withdrawal from opiates. He have been battling with drug addiction for years. The wife was affected by this and told me she had to use outside resources for herself. Strategies in the Family Nursing Practice Essay.

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