Strategies for Addressing Questions MSN-FNP program

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URS 6003 week 2 Strategies for Addressing Questions
The purpose of this discussion is to reflect on questions or concerns I have as I begin the Walden University MSN-FNP program. After completing my BSN degree at Walden. I thought I would take a small break then return to pursue my master’s degree. There were all kinds of reasons I felt could not continue to pursue my MSN.The first question I wanted to ask is should I be concerned about obtaining a location to complete my clinical hours for NP. I heard from other NP students and that it is a challenge, and I should start networking a couple of semesters after starting class. How will I get all the reading resources to read in time for my next discussion post? Time management is a challenging concept. There are various strategies available to combat those remaining barriers to success that do not go away because I am in school. One of the ten traits mentioned in the reading describing a successful online learner is self-direction and self-efficiency. (Online 2018) Taking initiative and managing time well is the key to meeting assignment deadlines. One strategy I use is to put important assignment reminders in my phone with a notification alert. Some of the resources available at Walden include the writing center, library, my instructor, and student support team. NURS 6003 week 2 Strategies for Addressing Questions

One of the things I struggle with is professionalism and finding the correct wording for my thoughts. Finding that formal voice or appropriate tone when I write papers and sometimes when I am speaking to my colleagues. I know I can find resources in the Walden Library to guide me in these areas. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this obstacle in your career? If so, what strategies did you employ to combat it? One strategy that will help develop skills in using active and passive voice. It will help me create clear direction in my writing. I have read in our resources that in scholarly writing active voice is preferred. (Walden 2018) It goes on to say that passive voice can be used in some instances. (Walden 2018) Earning my baccalaureate degree at Walden in 2017 was an amazing experience! The journey to earning my BSN required real dedication. I was reminded of my strength, weaknesses with my performance.

I get frustrated sometimes when I feel I am not understanding a concept that I feel I should know by now. I realize that when I feel this way I am less productive. Sometimes I step away from it then come back to it later. It was stated in an article by Kauffman “emotional intelligence also plays a role in online learning; it is easy for students to get frustrated with the technology and/or challenges to understanding information without assistance” (Kauffman 2015). Currently, my struggle is how to reference the articles from the resources. With the help of the numerous support resources available at Walden. I was able to succeed. Earning my MSN will be no different. I plan to access the writing center, library, and student success center as much as possible. Enabling me to reach my goal of becoming a scholar-practitioner. NURS 6003 week 2 Strategies for Addressing Questions


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