Solutions of Problem of Paediatric Unit Research Paper

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Solutions of Problem of Paediatric Unit Research Paper

The first problem is the young children start cannot sit still at one place at time as they always rumbling around and also could jump off the bed. The solution that can be made is by expansion of the paediatric unit. The expansion for this unit are either the spaces of the units, where there will be more spacious distance between the patient’s beds. So, we can avoid from the injury of the patient when the patient jump off the bed they might be landing on the bed rails and this will cause another injury towards them[1]. Solutions of Problem of Paediatric Unit Research Paper .

On the other cases, the surface of the floor at the department might be consideration towards the hospital safety, as not only for the children but hospital staff members too as they might not have a good balance on the floor. Thus, the hospital needs to change the surface of the floor to make sure that it is more user friendly.

The second problem that been facing is the population growth contribute the increases of the health care, at the same time the number of the patient will increase as well.

Usually the situation always happens at old hospital such as Hospital Tuanku Fauziah Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia. The old department in the hospital, the facilities that provided are not enough to occupy for all the patients. The department for the Women and Paediatric are limited to 48 beds for Obstetric ward, 19 beds for Gynaecology ward, 28 beds for children wards and only 8 beds for maternity.

After the building has been settle up, the amount of beds are increasing. For Obstetric ward it increase up to 56 beds, 28 beds are used for Gynaecology ward, 56 beds are for children ward / PICU (Psychiatric Intensive Care Units). There are also 28 beds that are provided for first class ward and 2 beds are for the VVIP used. Plus with 8 beds are for HDW (High Dependency Wards) and also 36 beds are for NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) /SCN (Special Care Nursery). The hospital also provide 12 suites for maternity, royal ward and also pharmacy satellite. From here, the hospital are trying their best to make sure that the hospitality are user friendly especially towards patients and also their families. They also expand the operation theatre, from 4 to 6 theaters[2]. The expansion of the building are needed to fulfil the capacity of the patients and also to make sure to bring more convenient and sophisticated services towards patient and better environment for the staff members.


The third problem, that where the surgery that undergoes the children are rapidly increase, and the number of folks that need extensive care at hospital also increase, thus this will cause the space for the patients become smaller. So either it has to be expand the department or build a new building as the normally the building was old.Solutions of Problem of Paediatric Unit Research Paper . As for expansion of the department, the will be some changes of the circuit between the old system and the new system. As the expansion of the units in the hospital, during the modification of it the engineers need to be very careful about to make sure that there are no current leakage. The Engineering and Privatization Division was set up under Hospital Operations Section, Engineering Services Division, Ministry of Health that are responsible to give advice on the construction of the project regarding the development of the hospital in order that all the technical aspects are follow as guided by compliance[3].

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Solutions of Problem of Paediatric Unit Research Paper

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