Social Issue Essay Example

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Social Issue Essay Example

Section 1: Selection of social issue

The social issue of interest is homelessness and poverty. About 25% of the global population does not have shelter, a basic human need for survival. In fact, this population that is homeless and in poverty lives in conditions that harms their safety and health. This social issue extends beyond the immediate population that is directly affects as the lack of shelter and poverty places a stress on social and government programs that include health care and school systems that are forced to provide services to populations that cannot pay for the services (Ciment, 2015).

Section 2: Effect on the community

Homelessness and poverty has three effects on the community. Firstly, increasing vulnerability to disease incidences as they have difficulty accessing medical services and maintaining good personal hygiene. Social Issue Essay Example. In addition, they have poor nutrition. Secondly, increasing incidences of violence as they commit crimes such as kidnapping, murder and theft to improve their financial situation. Thirdly, it is costly for the community as money is spent on jails, emergency rooms and shelters (Ciment, 2015).


Section 3: Response

There are four main solutions that can be applied. The first solution is housing whereby homeless and persons living in poverty would be connected to housing services that offer them low cost shelter options. The services should be offered in a manner that supports stability, such as long-term rental assistance and permanent supportive housing. The second solution is increasing employment and income opportunities. This would occur by attracting employers into the community through low-tax rates and rewards for employing community members. This would ensure that persons living in poverty and are homeless have higher incomes so that they are supported in achieving housing stability (Shinn & Khadduri, 2020).


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