Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Cancer Charity Walk

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Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Cancer Charity Walk Essay

Cancer Charity Walk
Most of the people suffering from cancer find it difficult to meet their medication because medical charges for cancer are high. In the process, most of cancer patients die not because there is lack of medication but because of high charges on cancer medication. In order to help these cancer patients within different communities, different communities have their special day to participate in Cancer Charity Walk for various reasons. For instance, the purpose of cancer charity walk is to encourage cancer patients because most of these patients face different challenges, such as negligence and discrimination within some families and societies (Neely & Tinkelman, 2013). Besides being encouraging, cancer charity walk days is also a special day dedicated to cancer patients where people come together to raise funds, donate equipment, and cancer related facilities to enhance cancer treatment within different communities.Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Cancer Charity Walk Essay. Additionally, cancer charity walk day is also a day where the organizers create awareness to the public by informing and teaching the public on the causes, effects, and possible solutions to different cancer infections. Therefore, the day remain a special day for millions of cancer patients globally.


Purpose of the Event
As mentioned above, Cancer Charity Walk days is conducted for various purposes. For instance, it is the day when the entire patients suffering from different kinds of cancer come together as a family with other community members as a form of encouraging the affected patients. Similarly, it is the day when cancer patients are encouraged that despite their suffering; they will still recover and become heath wise. Equally, it is also the day when the society members come together to provide support towards cancer treatment through fund raising, donation of equipment and facilities, and raising funds towards building cancer treatment centers (Council, 2011). Likewise, the day is associated with creating awareness to the people and affected patients on different forms of cancer. For instance, various causes, effects, treatment, and ways through which the society can take care of cancer patients.Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Cancer Charity Walk Essay. Moreover, it is the day when respective organizations teach the community on the importance of accepting cancer patients within their environment.
The Event Requirement
Various requirements were required for the participants to take part during the cancer charity walk day. For instance, because cancer is a disease that affects the entire human kind, people of different ages were invited for the walk (Bixler, 2014). Therefore, children, the middle aged, and old aged persons were invited for the walk. The rule of the walk demanded that people walked for 5 kilometers. Another rule of the event was that all the participants were to put on white shirts, which were written “Zero Tolerant to Cancer” at their backs. Consequently, no one was allowed to participate without the preferred uniforms as they were bought towards raising money for the eradication of cancer among the affected community members. Additionally, because there were prizes to be worn for the walk, participants were required to walk together as a group as a show of solidarity and love to cancer patients and their acceptance to the society.
Based on sex, participants from who are male and female sexes were allowed to take part on the walk. This is because cancer affect both male and female without considering people’s sexes. Race was not also considered during the event because the community is compost of people from different races such as Africans, Asians and Whites among other races. Similarly, ethic divisions were never considered during the cancer charity walk event because the disease affects people without considering their ethnic differences. Therefore, because the society composed of people from different diverse ethnic backgrounds, participants were invited without ethnic consideration (Blakemore, 2012). This was also a means of ensuring peace among members of the society despite being from different cultural, social and religion practices.Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Cancer Charity Walk Essay.
Culture of the Event
Despite having different people from different races and ethnic backgrounds, there were certain cultural practices that were observed during the event. For instance, participants were only restricted on the T-shirts to put on with the same writing at their backs. However, other attires were from the people choices. Therefore, apart from the printed T-shirts, people also put on clothes that reflect designs of different cultures. Besides the attires, participants were allowed to consume food and drinks even if they reflected their cultures. Participants also had a common believe in that through the cancer charity walk, they will be able to encourage the affected patients to have hope in recovering from the challenges that they are facing (Neely &Tinkelman, 2013). Therefore, the event was essential towards eradicating cancer and poor relation between cancer patients and their society.
Although the event comprises of persons from different background living within the same environment, people were expected to work and participate towards the walk as a single community. Therefore, they interacted together during the walk without showing their differences based on their races and ethnic backgrounds. Similarly, the selected leaders to control and direct people on what to do were constituted from different races of all the people who were present within the society (Council, 2011). This was to show the participation of all members of the society towards cancer eradication. Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Cancer Charity Walk Essay. Additionally, the funds that were raised at the end of the walk were to benefit all members of the society regardless of their races and ethnic backgrounds.
Social Inequality Observed During the Event
During the event, it was required that all members of the organization were to be present. Nonetheless, people with disability were not present during the time. For instance, there were no albinos in spite of their presence within the society. Likewise, people with other forms of disabilities such as the blind and lame persons were also not present during the event. This shows that not all the members of the organization were part of the walk because even some of the disable are also suffering from cancer diseases. Nonetheless, their participation could be identified through the banners that were printed “Zero Tolerant of Cancer to All”, which means that they were also part of the event. Moreover, the disable were also part of the beneficiaries from the funds that were raised during the event.


In the process of planning an event, it is important factors to be considered. For instance, organizers need to provide information on the requirement of the event prior to the event day. These should include date, time, location and dress code among other requirements. Additionally, some of the factors such as age, gender, race and ethnic backgrounds need to be considered if in case it must be. Proper guidance should also be provided during the event in order to diminish any confusion during the event. The organizers should also ensure that all participants take part in the event without neglecting other people invited. Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Cancer Charity Walk Essay.

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