Responsibility for Medical Between World and the Family

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Responsibility for Medical Between World and the Family Essay.

The balance of responsibility for healthcare between contemporary society and the family – societal versus family responsibilities

“Responsibility for health: personal, public, and environmental”


The Family is the essential or functional unit of a modern culture. In making health care policy culture and family plays a great part in implementation. Responsibility starts within each relation with the proper information of parents. Precautionary efforts regarding medical care issues must be practice by parents.Responsibility for Medical Between World and the Family Essay.


A good example of which is by educating their children at the early get older the three basic food organizations (go, develop and shine) and proper hands washing, in such a way that every child will be guided accordingly regarding the proper diet to avoid health issues and diseases. As a kid goes to college he/she becomes a member of the modern culture, a good practice of health care can be shared between peers. As they increase much older this good practice and views regarding healthcare becomes more serious and apparent they becomes more dependable towards health and to the society. In my own personal perspective responsibility for health is really as basic as food, taking good care of one home is the fundamental responsibility a person in becoming an improved person in a culture. The society has the responsibility of providing proper health services to the family also to a certain specific. A good example of which really is a good access in professional medical insurances, Equality in professional medical services on all facilities in authorities and private alike. The right for information regarding regulations, provisions and plans should be properly disseminated. Usage of rural or community health concerning different business, professional medical, and transport industries to handle any healthcare issues.Responsibility for Medical Between World and the Family Essay.

One of the most crucial obligations of society is ensuring that every single one has usage of health care. It has been the primary focus of healthcare policies all over the world. While it has been the most important, it is also essential that societies promote health in many other ways.

Society plays a great role to make sure that everyone has access to optimal health attention and there are a great number of means by which this will achieve success. One quite typical and effective way is through education and training. By means of education, people might be able to know more about ways how to promote health insurance and how to prevent certain diseases. Education is an effective tool to spread out information not only about the public issues but more importantly, about health. Through education, we may have the ability to enlighten people about the most important health issues that we have now. Some of these issues include sanitation, pollution, food and drug security and disease avoidance. Much attention should be focused on ways about how to market health besides usage of health care. Included in these are environment and open public health and health research.Responsibility for Medical Between World and the Family Essay.

In today’s modern age, there are numerous technological developments which affect our daily living. Whether we prefer to declare it or not, our lives are easier now because of the technological advances. They help us get to places faster and aid us with each day activities so that people might be able to do them with an increase of ease but as they say, there is always issue with everything. These advances may be the key reason why there are several people who are becoming lazier as it pertains to doing chores at home or at the job. People nowadays tend to depend basically on technology to do simple things which they can do themselves. Simple things like walking when going to near by places or picking something up from a store.

Lifestyle plays a huge role in a few of the most fatal illnesses that exist now. According to Ralph Neas the full total expenditures on health care in america displayed 17 percent of the gross countrywide product in 2010 2010 and are projected to attain 20 percent by the end of this decade. AMERICA spends 141 percent more on health care than other financially advanced nations; furthermore, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, although smoking has dropped steadily there because the 1960s, smoking- related medical expenses are still about US$75. 5 billion per year.Responsibility for Medical Between World and the Family Essay. Obesity, which has been climbing in the past two decades, makes up about about US$75 billion in health care costs there every year, in addition, alcoholism and drug addiction in the USA account for total annual healthcare costs of about US$22. 5 billion and US$12 billion, respectively. Authorities spending on healthcare associated with HIV/AIDS has ended US$13 billion per time. This would go to show that health education is important and that folks needs to be informed completely on how to improve health and ward off diseases from spreading. It is also reasonable to allot sufficient budget on health research and discover means how to prevent and if possible, to completely eliminate such diseases.Responsibility for Medical Between World and the Family Essay.

The balance of responsibility for medical between modern culture and the family – societal versus family responsibilities encompasses different aspects in healthcare. It requires the involvement of most stakeholders. A family members views and behaviour towards healthcare has a great impact in a world. A good example is in the Philippines, the Department of communal welfare and development (DSWD) alongside the Section of Interior and MUNICIPALITY (DILG) and some None-Government organization categories Spear going a program/System Pantawid Pamilyang Pangkabuhayan or( 4Ps). The main purposes of the program is Food cravings Mitigation, Protection of Maternal and newborn deaths giving financial assistance to the individuals under poverty line with conditionality’s.Responsibility for Medical Between World and the Family Essay.

The conditions:

Pregnant Home Member/s should visit their local health centre to avail of pre- and post-natal care and attention beginning with the first trimester of pregnancy.
Children 0-5 YRS. OLD – members of the household who are 0-5 years old shall go to the health center and avail of Immunization/vaccination, weight monitoring, and management of childhood disease.
Children aged 6-14 years of age should receive deworming pills twice a year
Education conditionalities.

Children aged 3-5 years of age enrolled in Day Care Program or pre-school program and maintain a class attendance rate of at least 85% monthly (still at the mercy of evaluation/study).
Children aged 6-14 years old enrolled in elementary and secondary schools and keep maintaining a class attendance rate of at least 85% per month.Responsibility for Medical Between World and the Family Essay.
Other conditionalities.

Parents should be present at Family Development Classes at least one time a month.
Participate in community activities to market and fortify the implementation of this program.
The first job is to identify the families who’ll be eligible and become the beneficiary of the program by doing research in the rural areas. First they disseminate the information from national right down to local government devices, barangays and people. And they inform and award the families legible for the said program. Together with the Division of Health Philippines and Division of Education they create programs. The DOH launches the Immunization program browsing families house to house and immunizing children 8y/o and below. Each family also receives financial assistance.

According to WHO 1992, medical issues regarding the environment addresses all the physical, chemical substance, and natural factors exterior to a person, and everything the related factors impacting behaviours. It encompasses the assessment and control of those environmental factors that could affect health. It is targeted towards protecting against disease and creating health-supportive environments. This classification excludes behaviour not related to environment, as well as behavior related to the public and cultural environment, and genetics.

While it makes sense to place single responsibility to a person to manage their health, there are several objections to it as well. One argument is that it is unfair to hold someone completely accountable for their own health particularly if that person does not have a sound head or is consuming drugs. Another is that it might be exceedingly difficult to apply something that supports individuals in charge of their own health, since diseases and disabilities derive from a complex discussion of hereditary and environmental factors. Though it is completely rational that an specific must be able to maintain their health, the responsibility shouldn’t be placed solely to them. Whichever the situation may be, the world must always help promote health and prevent health problems. Although usage of health care is extremely vital, society should also concentrate on creating means about how to market health. They say, prevention is better than cure and it is true in so many ways. Prevention is more cost-effective and is also more medically efficacious somewhat than finding method of treatment. For example, it is more cost-effective to prevent certain serious disease rather than starting surgery or chemotherapy over time. The government should be able to provide its people their needs and in relation to health care, this consists of monitoring of disease, metropolitan planning and really should have the ability to assure food and medication safety.Responsibility for Medical Between World and the Family Essay.

Family on the other hands, is known as to be the essential unit of any community and it is therefore a great element in an individual’s try to health promotion and disease prevention. It is through family a person first learns everything which is why family greatly influences the choices created by an individual. Most often than not, a person confides with a member of family in decision making may it be with finances, work related problems and health issues as well. If one is unable to determine, a family member, usually the elder or the top of the family steps in to decide for them.

For example, in New Zealand, since you’ll find so many rest homes, it’s the responsibility of the family or one of the family members to decide what is best for his or her family members who are residing at these rest homes especially if themselves cannot choose for themselves or is not able to comprehend some of the information given to them.Responsibility for Medical Between World and the Family Essay.


Health care gain access to is one of the most crucial things to consider in conditions of societal problems with regards to health care but it is also with greatest importance that the world is able to promote health through education and research as well. Much importance should be located not only on health care access but more so on strategies for health advertising especially on environmental and general population health insurance and health research. Federal government action is also essential and should be able to provide the needs of its people especially if it’s already out of these control like monitoring of disease and metropolitan planning.

Family is the basic product of community and is known as to be the basis of one’s decision with just about anything. May it be financial or medical issues, families play an enormous role in an individual’s choice.Responsibility for Medical Between World and the Family Essay.