Responsibilities of Community And Public Health Nurses

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Responsibilities of Community And Public Health Nurses Essay

prompt discussion

What are the responsibilities of community and public health nurses in promoting health and decreasing illness and injury in populations, families, and individuals? Provide specific examples from your community.Responsibilities of Community And Public Health Nurses Essay



Complete the HRSA Data Warehouse Website Activity.
Read about the HRSA Data website and what it does here:
Explore the rest of the tabs on the site.
Watch the “How-To Video: Find a Health Center Locator Tool” tutorial found at the following link:
Explore some data by selecting Clark County, Nevada using the Data by Geography tool here:
Next use the HRSA Fact Sheets tool located here: to look up HRSA’s activities in HHS regions, states, counties, and congressional districts and compare the data to the Clark County, Nevada data you found using your geography results. Analyze the data included in the fact sheets. Consider the data sets found in the fact sheets. How does Nevada compare nationwide when it comes to the data sets? What about Clark County?Responsibilities of Community And Public Health Nurses Essay
Complete a new search using the Data for Geography tool for your state and county. Compare the results of your query to your Clark County, Nevada search.
Identify HRSA program resources for HIV/AIDS in your state and county. What are they? How many clinics are funded by HRSA?
Write a two-page paper reflecting on the data you collected and analyzed. How will this data warehouse be useful to you as a professional nurse? Your paper should be at least two pages in length, in APA format, typed in Times New Roman with 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1” margins.

A community can be described as a group of individuals that possess a common attribute or interest and living together within a geographical boundary or territory.
community health nursing was defined by WHO Expert committee on Nursing as that special field of nursing which combines the skills of nursing, public health and certain phases f social assistance and functions as part of the total public health program for the promotion of health, the improvement of conditions in the social and physical environment, rehabilitation of illness and disability.Responsibilities of Community And Public Health Nurses Essay
The goal of community health nursing is to raise the health standard of the citizenry by assisting individual families and communities as a whole to cope with threats to healthy living in a way as to maximize their potential for good and healthy living. Community health nursing is predicated on the recognition of the needs of individuals, families, groups and communities. It is the duty of the community health nurse to fully comprehend the totality of the objectives and policies of the community health agency she represents.
Community nursing care encompasses the care provided to individuals, families and groups wherever they live, work and play or go to school. Community based nursing is a philosophy of care which comprised of collaboration, continuity of care, client and family responsibility for self-care and preventive health. Community nursing has its focus on individual and family-oriented care. A partnership is developed with clients. Am awareness is also created on the impact of the influence of the community on health and the care of individuals and families. Community nursing is applicable to all nurses that practice nursing outside the confines of the hospital. They are involved in activities such as case management, patient education and advocacy for families and individuals. (WHO, 2010)Responsibilities of Community And Public Health Nurses Essay

Role in planning
The community health nurse can serve as a liaison between the community and health authorities in the area of planning by coordinating with other health programs such as environmental sanitation, health education, dental health and mental health. Because of closeness to the community, the community health nurse is able to provide information on the health needs of the community and by so doing, participate in designing health programs and formulating health policies for the government and other health agencies for onward implementation in the community. (WHO, 2010)
The community health nurse also collaborates with members of other professions and organizations and stakeholders in the community. The collaboration is ultimately towards the greater good of the community population as a whole. Moreover, the community health nurse must be equipped with up to date community health nursing knowledge and skills which are essential for the development of partnership with the representatives of the community, members of allied professions and stakeholders of community health as a whole(WHO, 2010)Responsibilities of Community And Public Health Nurses Essay

Role in implementation
The community health nurse practices the promotion and protection of the health of the entire community. This is done by utilizing her academic knowledge and the community’s experimental knowledge to provide solutions for the health problems of the community. The interventions and programs must address the health conditions, risks, problems and resources in the community. (Senger 1998) The interventions must also be taking into cognizance the culture of the community so that such interventions are readily acceptable to the people of the community. The community health nurse is responsible for assessing the health conditions of the community, including health risks and problems to find out the health care demands of the people of the community. in doing this, such factors as the health problems and risks, the lifestyle and behavior of the community inhabitants, components of the environment that affect health and the availability and accessibility of health care services and care utilized. The community health nurse is also responsible for determining the social capital of the community, the community culture and identification of resources as key ingredients in the community health care system. (Senger 1998)Responsibilities of Community And Public Health Nurses Essay


Role in evaluation
A community health nurse should have basic skills in epidemiology. With this working knowledge, the community health nurse would be able to determine the trend of health related parameters. This would enable the nurse to determine the impact of health programs and policies on the community. (WHO, 2010) The nurse would be able to objectively say, if the programs have been a success or otherwise and adjustments are made based on the data recorded. In conducting evaluation, information is shared among stakeholders to increase awareness about health risks and problems in the community. (Senger 1998) Also, assessment process is conducted concurrently with other functions throughout the course of the interventions and programs. Assessment also involves the identification of the health care demands of the community in terms of individuals, families, groups and the community as a whole. Collection of information which is up to date about the perspectives and experiences of the people of the community is also part of the job description of the community health nurse.
In conclusion, the role of the community health nurse in the planning, implementation and evaluation of health services in a community is strategic in the provision of effective community health services to the community.Responsibilities of Community And Public Health Nurses Essay

Running head: Community Health Assignment #9 Nursing Role in Public/Community Health Lydia Knapp BSN Student of Muskingum University Abstract I will describe the role of one of the health nurses in Coshocton County for the smoking cessation study. I will describe her daily activities, funding of program, populations targeted, and how she is educating the community. Nursing Role in Public/Community Health I followed Linda Cox, R.N. for the Coshocton County Health Department for one day. Her role is specifically designed for as joint study by the Health Department and OSU to research smoking cessation in Appalachian counties of Ohio. It is a three year study, federally funded by grant from the National Institute of Health and the…show more content…
She stresses that their goal is not to preach to participants, but answer their questions and guide them in finding their own reasons for smoking, wanting to quit and coping mechanisms. This study is also documenting the correlation of depression and smoking. Screening is done by a Lay Health Advisor, (LHA). Participants are not allowed into the program if they are on Chantix, but are allowed to participate if they are on Wellbutrin for depression. Nicotine patches are not distributed to patient until they have passed initial screening and counseling session. Participants are followed for ten weeks and at the end of the program are awarded a certificate and gift cards for gasoline. The second half of this day was spent doing logs, answering phone calls and planning the next day’s activities. Although I was not able to meet any of the participants personally, Linda was able to tell me of one 70 year old gentleman who was able to quit smoking after having been smoking his whole adult life.Responsibilities of Community And Public Health Nurses Essay

Some of the most gratifying things about being a nurse is the distinctive role we have with those we care for. Our role encourages openness and transparency for clients and their families to reveal things to us they may not be willing to say under most circumstances. Furthermore, nursing is a life path that comes with incalculable responsibilities to be both a compassionate health care provider and a conscientious advocate. This semester I had the opportunity to experience nursing from the perspective of a Community Health Nurse in Montclair, California. It has given me a chance to practice these responsibilities in different ways. It has also given me a new perspective on nursing.
As…show more content…
I have learned more about places like the Montclair Youth Opportunity Center, which is a trendy hub for many young people during the summer or after school during the school year. Additionally, I have continued to learn about the screening tools public health nurses use to identify health risks in the community. So far, I have learned about the nursing child assessment satellite training (NCAST) feeding/teaching scales, comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS) tool, Denver Developmental Screening Test (DDST II), and the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). Lastly, I had the opportunity to try grant writing, which was a very informative experience. I have already seen so much to Community Health Nursing this semester and look forward to learning about the many more things public health nursing has to offer throughout my nursing Responsibilities of Community And Public Health Nurses Essay
To answer my questions I looked to my clinical instructor and other resources such as course literature. From these resources, I learned that the purpose of health promotion is to move individuals, groups, and communities closer to optimal well being by educating (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008). Prior to this I thought it also involved preventing illness, but health promotion does not focus on this. Responsibilities of Community And Public Health Nurses Essay