Report For Healthcare Profession

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Report For Healthcare Profession Essay

Within the field of healthcare there are many different types of professions. One of these professions is that of a pharmacist. The main career path that leads to this position is that of either completing an undergraduate degree in science and an interest in pharmacy. Pharmacists are individuals who work in hospitals or within the community at pharmacies. The main duties of a pharmacist are to prepare medications and ensure that there are no incompatibilities. As such, pharmacists monitor the drug treatments of patients (US News, 2016)#_ENREF_5″ t “US News, 2016 #907. In order to become a pharmacist, first individuals must complete 2 to 3 years of undergraduate science courses. However, many individuals elect to complete a 4 year bachelor’s degree. Then individuals must complete a Doctor of Pharmacy Program and an internship. Then individuals must be licensed by the state they wish to practice in (, 2017)#_ENREF_3” t “, 2017 #908.Report For Healthcare Profession Essay


In general the median income of pharmacists was $121,500. However this can change depending on the geographic area and if the pharmacist is in a pharmacy, in research and development, or in a hospital (US News, 2016)#_ENREF_5” t “US News, 2016 #907. I find this position interesting, because often times when physicians prescribe medications they do not think about the potential interactions. As such it is the pharmacist’s job to ensure that there are no conflicts between the medications. As well pharmacists, because they are focused on the drugs, can also help with dosing and ensuring the overall health of patients (Ansari, 2010)#_ENREF_2” t “Ansari, 2010 #909.Report For Healthcare Profession Essay

One of the best ways to recruit pharmacists is through online recruitment strategies and job fairs (Andalo, 2012)#_ENREF_1” t “Andalo, 2012 #911. Currently the demand pharmacists varies across the United States with demand being lower in South Carolina than in places such as Alaska and Oklahoma. However, it has been predicted that in the years to come that demand for pharmacists will decrease which will lead to lower salaries (Sharp, 2016)#_ENREF_4” t “Sharp, 2016 #910.

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