Qualitative and Quantitative Research Paper

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Qualitative and Quantitative Research Paper

What are the similarities and differences between qualitative and quantitative research? Provide an example of a situation in which you would use a qualitative approach, a quantitative approach, and a combination of both approaches (a mixed methods study). What are some of the types o
Similarities and differences between qualitative and quantitative research
The main research approaches that nursing researchers use are the qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods approaches. Qualitative and quantitative research are complementary to each other since they produce different forms of knowledge that are valuable in nursing practice. According to Gray and Grove (2020), qualitative and quantitative research approaches have similarities since both need researcher proficiency, follow steps of the process of research, involve severity in implementation, and generates scientific knowledge for the practice of nursing. Qualitative and Quantitative Research Paper.

Quantitative research differs from qualitative research in that quantitative research methods involve the utilization of numbers along with statistical analysis. According to Koutoukidis and Stainton (2020), the quantitative research approach is systematic and logical in nature and collects and analyses the information that has been gauged by an instrument like a questionnaire and converted to numerical data. The nurse researcher employing quantitative research investigates a nursing phenomenon and changes one set of variables to observe its influence or outcome on other variables.


Qualitative research is a subjective approach utilized in exploring and describing the experiences of humans. This research approach obtains information and gathers data, for, instance, interviews instead of measurement. Qualitative researchers usually examine people and their behavior and stories, cultures, and their movements and interactions. Qualitative and Quantitative Research Paper. Koutoukidis and Stainton (2020) indicate that because qualitative research approach involves examining a subjective phenomenon, the findings are only regarded to be representative of a certain individual or group of individuals, and in a certain setting, and not reflective of other settings or people.

An example of a situation in which I would use a mixed method study

Mixed methods research is a research approach that incorporates quantitative and qualitative methods to offer a depth and breadth understanding of a phenomenon. This research methodology combines the strengths of quantitative and qualitative research and compensates for any drawback of individual approaches thus providing multiples schemes of seeing (Irvine et al., 2020), an example of a situation in which I would use a mixed method study is using a questionnaire as well as focus groups to obtain rich data about individuals with asthma. In this situation, a mixed-method study, quantitative data could be collected from individuals’ medical records, with qualitative phase involving focus group interviews with families to clarify the qualitative findings. Qualitative and Quantitative Research Paper.


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