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NURS 6002 Week 5 Discussion

Strategies for Academic Portfolios

Having a well-put together academic portfolio is an important selling point for any contemporary nurse. The portfolio is more comprehensive and presents more information about a professional than just the résumé or curriculum vitae. Actually, the academic portfolio includes all the information that would usually be in one’s curriculum vitae plus more concerning the academic and professional achievements of the nurse professional (Clarke, 2019; Schneider, 2016; Davies, 2015). Technology has however revolutionized every aspect of life and profession. For this reason, the trend these days is to develop an ePortfolio that is basically an electronic version of the academic portfolio. It makes use of one’s social media presence to paint a picture of what kind of professional the owner is (Hannans & Olivo, 2017). It is advisable for all nurse professionals to make a professional ePortfolio for better career advancement.NURS 6002 Week 5 Discussion


        There are several strategies for including academic activities and accomplishments in one’s professional goals. Two of these strategies are to get student membership of a professional nursing organization, and to keep a record of academic service rendered to the university or community. Professional organizations such as the American Nurses Association (ANA) have opportunities for professional development as well as forums where experts share research experience. Attendance to any of these should go into the academic portfolio (Little-Wienert & Mazziotti, 2017). Participation in academic community initiatives like research into the behavioral factors fuelling disease should be documented in the academic portfolio too.

The above two strategies are congruent with the Walden University’s philosophy of positive social change. Participation in the professional and academic activities of professional organizations like ANA exposes the student nurse and makes them important primary health care assets to the community bringing social change. Participation in community programs on the other hand directly impacts the community in positive ways such as disease prevention. NURS 6002 Week 5 Discussion


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NURS 6002 Week 5 Discussion