Pregnant Woman Issue of Exposing Her Fetus To Risk

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Pregnant Woman Issue of Exposing Her Fetus To Risk Research Paper

Health is one of the most crucial factors in the life cycle of an average human being. It is therefore important for any person to prioritize it in any endeavor. Living healthily is concerned with engaging in health practices that would not jeopardize the health status of an individual. Pregnant women are amongst the people who require high health standards for their sake and for the sake of the unborn. Such health issues have led to the development of new forms of legislations that require a lot of debate. The issue of punishing pregnant women if they expose their fetuses to health risk is a good example of a form of legislation that should be addressed.

In most countries, pregnant women are given a lot of health priorities. Federal governments ensure that these women have a lot of benefits so as to be in a position to live healthily for the welfare of the unborn. Therefore, women who expose the fetus to health risk should be punished by law. There are many reasons as to why this should be done and the fact that the federal governments are ready to support these women as well as the unborn is the major fact that would make the act punishable. Pregnant Woman Issue of Exposing Her Fetus To Risk Research Paper

Relating to the morals of the society, it is an unethical act to predispose the fetus to health hazard. Ethics is related to doing what is right under any circumstance. The life of a person begins once the fetus forms in the womb. Therefore, by exposing the fetus to risk, a woman would simply put the life of a person at risk and this is unethical. Life is precious and should therefore be safeguarded from the time it begins. This further supports the notion that pregnant women should be punished for exposing their fetus to risk.


The health of pregnant women is very delicate hence they need extremely high standards of health care. By predisposing the fetus to health risk, these women would as well be placing their lives as well. The act of risking the fetus to health risk is critical and may result to health complications that would affect the mother as well. Federal governments should therefore ensure that the act of placing the fetus at health risk is punishable by law. Pregnant Woman Issue of Exposing Her Fetus To Risk Research Paper

Many health organizations have come up with programs that assist women take care of the unborn. This goes to the extent of assisting the pregnant women who are not ready to become mothers give up their child for adoption. These facts leave no excuse for any pregnant woman to expose the fetus to health risk. This therefore suggests that any woman found risking the health of the fetus should be punished as there would be no justifiable reason to do so.

Life is delicate and very precious and should therefore be taken with a lot of caution. This is the reason why many countries have decided to adopt strict legislative measures in safeguarding the health status of the entire nation. Punishing pregnant women who expose the fetus to health risk is one of legislations that should be adopted. There are many supporting facts that show the benefits of adopting such and act. The pros of adopting such a policy outrun the cons hence it is one which should implemented by the federal governments of different countries. Pregnant Woman Issue of Exposing Her Fetus To Risk Research Paper