Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health Essay

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NURS 6050: Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health Essay

Healthcare Reform

Healthcare industries are becoming more complex and challenging, and the affordability of healthcare services is expensive to afford. The number of uninsured and underinsured of specific demography like people with mental health problems, chronic diseases, low- income minorities are increasing daily. There are politics and stigma in addressing healthcare reform across the presidential administration still social adversities like poverty and discrimination. Within policies and institutions, disparities in accessing health care services among those low-social economic vulnerable still exist. Health care reforms and uninsured and underinsured became a campaign slogan from one political party administration to another without a permanent solution. “U.S. Department of Health and Human Services” (2005) Understanding the estimates of the uninsured.

Each presidential administration has its challenges regarding healthcare reform. It became part of voting points to consider during the election because most Americans would like their health care services to be affordable. During President Bush’s administration, he enacted policies that would enable individuals to receive health care at the price they could afford. He also introduced innovation into health care by increasing funding for medical research, which contributed to medical breakthroughs for the development of HPV and cancer vaccines. Under his presidency, Americans gained access to prescription drugs with his market-based drug prescription benefits. He established competition and choices by stabilizing and expanding private plan options through the medicare advantage program. “White House 2007 State of the union” (2007) Affordable, accessible, and flexible health coverage. Bush administration policies empowered citizens to prioritize their healthcare by introducing tax-free health savings account (HSAs), enabling them to save money for medical expenses. NURS 6050: Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health Essay


During President Obama’s administration, there was an increase in the population that is uninsured and underinsured due to pre-existing conditions. Under his administration, the affordable care act policies helped to protect those with pre-existing medical conditions so their insurance would not stop covering them. Woolhandler et al. (2017) “The affordable care act.” He also enacted policies that would allow children to remain on their parent’s insurance plans till they are 26 years old. The primary purpose of the affordable care act (Obama care) was to improve the quality of care in all demography and establish preventative and wellness awareness to raise healthcare standards.

Healthcare reform under President Trump was more of a verbal and political slogan, and most of the policies went to court and were defeated. Dickson et al. “ After Another Affordable care act repeal attempt fails, the GOP faces tough choices.” His health care plan was to replace and repeal the affordable care act to make America great again. However, some of his goals were to modify existing laws that inhibit the scale of health insurance across states line. NURS 6050: Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health Essay

Analyzing the three presidents, I would support the Bush and Obama plan. I would support any legislation that would increase tax deductable for employees who covered their employers up to six months if they become unemployed and tax credit for currently employed workers. Their plans helped to eliminate the problems of healthcare challenges facing America. At the same time, President Trump would only repeal all the programs and benefits of Obama care and health savings account from Bush and Obama and replace them with politically motivated plans held by mainstream politician and media that would not help America.

NURS 6050: Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health Essay