Phencyclidine Drug Essay

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Phencyclidine Drug Essay

Phencyclidine Drug Essay, Research Paper

Health professional: PCP and its Affects on the Human Body

PCP or Phencyclidine is a really deathly drug in today? s society. PCP was developed in the 1950? s as an anaesthetic. Use of PCP in worlds was discontinued in 1965, because it was found that patients frequently became agitated, delusional, and irrational while retrieving from its effects. PCP is illicitly manufactured in research labs and is sold on the street by such names as? diabolic? ? moisture? and? digital? . The assortment of street names for PCP reflects its eccentric and irrational effects on those who use it. ( Andersen )

Health professional can be assorted easy with dyes and turns up on the illegal drug markets in a assortment of tablets, capsules, and colored pulverizations. PCP can be taken in multiple ways, it can either be smoked, snorted, or eaten. For smoke, PCP is normally assorted with marihuana. Phencyclidine Drug Essay.

PCP usage frequently leads to psychological dependance, craving, and compulsive PCP-seeking behaviour. It was foremost discovered as a street drug in the sixtiess and rapidly gained a repute as a drug that could do bad reactions in its users. Some continue in utilizing PCP because of its addicting belongingss. Others say its the feelings of strength, power, impregnability and a numbing consequence on the head as grounds for their continued PCP usage. ( Andersen )


Many PCP users are brought to exigency suites because of PCP & # 8217 ; s bad psychological effects or because of overdoses. In a infirmary they frequently become violent or self-destructive, and are really unsafe to themselves and people around them. At a low dosage, physiological effects of PCP include a little addition in take a breathing rate and a more marked rise in blood force per unit area and pulse rate. Respiration becomes shallow, and flushing and profuse perspiration occur. Numbness of the appendages may besides happen.

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Psychological effects include distinguishable alterations in organic structure consciousness, similar to those associated with intoxicant. ( )

At high doses of PCP, there is a bead in blood force per unit area, pulse rate, and take a breathing. This may be accompanied by sickness, purging, blurred vision, peal of the eyes, and giddiness. High doses of PCP can besides do ictuss, coma, and decease. Psychological effects at high doses include hallucinations. PCP can do effects that mimic the full scope of symptoms of schizophrenic disorder, such as psychotic beliefs, paranoia, disordered thought, a esthesis of distance from one & # 8217 ; s environment, and catatonia. Speech is frequently thick or distorted to the point of no apprehension. ( )

Peoples who use PCP for a long clip suffer from memory loss, troubles with address and thought, depression, and weight loss. These symptoms can prevail up to a twelvemonth after continuance of PCP usage. Phencyclidine Drug Essay. Temper upsets besides have been reported due to PCP. PCP has ataractic effects, and interactions with other cardinal nervous system sedatives, such as intoxicant and benzodiazepines, can take to coma or inadvertent overdose. ( )

Use of PCP by high school seniors has declined steadily since 1979, when 7.0 per centum of seniors had used PCP in the twelvemonth before the study. In 1997, nevertheless, 2.3 per centum of seniors used PCP at least one time in the past twelvemonth, up from a depression of 1.2 per centum in 1990. Past month usage among seniors decreased from 1.3 per centum in 1996 to 0.7 per centum in 1997. ( Mullen )

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People can abuse different types of drugs/substances. Phencyclidine (PCP), a dissociative drug produced synthetically, is one of such substances. This paper presents information given to patients or clients about their use of PCP. It gives them detailed information about why they are experiencing certain symptoms, including what they will experience if they continue to abuse the substance in the future.

Description of PCP
Patients need to know that PCP is no longer used for anesthetics to human beings. It is classified in Schedule II of controlled drugs in the US. The drug was first synthesized in 1926 and traded under the name Serny. In 1950s, it was deployed in general anesthetics in people. It was then adapted for use in veterinary as tranquillizer (National Drug Intelligence Center, 2001).

However, in 1965, evidence-based research indicated that people experienced hallucination, nervousness, and extreme disturbance, as they recovered from its implications (Center for Substance Abuse Research, 2015). Phencyclidine Drug Essay. Indeed, its use in veterinary has been terminated, despite its continued manufacturing in small proportions for research. Nevertheless, people can still access it. Consequently, they can abuse it, and hence the implications on their health.

Information given to the Patients
Early health implications of abuse of PCP manifest in the form of various symptoms on patients or a person who abuse the drug. People may also consume PCP without their knowledge in situations where they buy ecstasy drugs that contain it (National Drug Intelligence Center, 2001). Center for Substance Abuse Research (2015) reveals, “PCP has been sold under the guise of a number of other drugs, including THC, methamphetamine, mescaline, and LSD” (p.1). The drug can be smoked, infused, consumed through the mouth, or sniffed. Its effects, which are felt between 2-60 minutes, last between 4 to 24 hours, depending on the method of taking it.

The drug causes interruption of the neurotransmitter glutamate. The euphoria caused by PCP is due to its capacity to influence neurotransmitter dopamine’s actions. The use of PCP has other effects such as nervousness, challenges in judgment and attentiveness, and sensory deformation, including hearing and visual delusion and failure to sense space and time in an appropriate way (Center for Substance Abuse Research, 2015).


People who use the drug feel weightless due to the d eformation of their capacity to sense their body. They feel dissociated with their environments since they see things in their unreality. PCP is also responsible for drowsiness and relaxation upon consuming it. Other symptoms are hopelessness, perplexity accompanied by bewilderment, aggression, fear and panicking over the awaiting death, and disturbance and repeated suspicious thoughts (Center for Substance Abuse Research, 2015).

Although PCP receives no scholarly support for its capacity to cause addiction due to its continued use, patients will experience additional symptoms if they continue to use/abuse the substance in the future.Phencyclidine Drug Essay. They include weak memory, flashbacks resembling those associated with chronic cases of LSD abuse, communication problems and severe depression, and/ or trauma (Center for Substance Abuse Research, 2015). People who abuse PCP in the long term withdraw from social groups to live in isolation. Continued use also causes toxic psychosis manifested in the form acoustic illusion, obsession, and expression of hostile behavior accompanied by hostility. They also suffer from speech articulation and stuttering.

Drug abuse may cause addiction. However, there is no evidence of addiction in case of PCP. It is taken through the mouth via insertion, snorting, or smoking. PCP consumption has a negative impact on the victim, irrespective of whether it is taken for a short term or long term. To mitigate its effects as discussed in the paper, people should avoid using the drug.

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