Pediatrics in Nursing Practice

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Pediatrics in Nursing Practice – Clinical Evaluation Tool Assignment

Week 7 CET:


This week’s CET is a custom designed format for you to reflect on your feelings and experiences of the past few weeks. We are experiencing an unusual time in the world right now but you have all managed to continue on with your lives and education and have overcome adversity and managed to shine!

There are a lot of things that we did not do, could not do and faced restrictions that limited our hands-on care of patients. It would be really easy to list a million things that “did not work” and focus on the “negative” but we are not going to do that

Instead, I challenge you to reflect on all of the things that you were able to do. You are not allowed to say or use any negative words. Focus on the positive things that you able to do and/or learn during these extremely trying and challenging times that positively impacted your lives.


Please write a paragraph (250 words or more) for each of the following:

  1. Professional growth achieved:
  2. Personal growth achieved:
  3. How will these experiences positively impact you in your role as a nurse?
  4. How have these accomplishments or experiences changed your view of our healthcare delivery system?

Pediatrics in Nursing Practice – Clinical Evaluation Tool Assignment