Pediatric Unit

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Pediatric Unit

A 7 year old has been admitted to the pediatric unit with a fractured femur. Which of the following behaviors would the nurse expect the client to exhibit? (Select all that apply.)

  1. The nurse is planning to withdraw 10 ml of urine from the port on the tubing of a client’s indwelling catheter to obtain a urine specimen. In which order should the nurse implement these ctions? (Arrange from first on top to last on the bottom.)Pediatric Unit Assignment Essay


1) Place in a biohazard bag.

2) Label the urine specimen.

3) Clamp the drainage tubing.

4) Document the procedure.

  1. Which statement is most therapeutic for the nurse to offer to a family of a child who has
  2. The nurse is conducting discharge teaching with the parent of a 7-year-old with nephrotic syndrome. Which of the following statements by the parent would indicate a correct understanding of the teaching?
  3. The mother of an 8-year-old child with a chronic illness and tracheotomy is rooming-in during this hospitalization. The mother insists on providing all of the child’s care and tells the nurse how to care for the child. The nurse should recognize that the mother plays which function when planning this child’s care?
  4. The nurse is planning postoperative care for an infant after a cleft-lip repair. The plan should include
  5. The nurse is caring for a client who is scheduled for surgery in 2 hours. The parent tells the nurse, The doctor came by to tell me a lot of stuff that I didn’t understand, but I signed the papers for my child to have surgery anyway.” To fulfill the role of advocate, which action should the nurse implement?
  6. A adolescent client with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) is given a new prescription for a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). The client asks the nurse, “How is this medication different from the acetaminophen Pediatric Unit Assignment Essay
  7. I have been taking?” Which information about the therapeutic action of NSAIDs should the nurse provide?
  8. A young adult female is brought to the emergency room by family members who report that she ingested a large quantity of acetaminophen (Tylenol). The nurse should prepare for which treatment to be implemented?
  9. The 9-year-old is hospitalized for neutropenia and is placed in reverse isolation. The child asks the nurse, “Why do you have to wear a gown and mask when you are in my room?” How should the nurse respond?
  10. The nurse observes a nursing student using lemon glycerin swabs for cleansing mucosal ulcers in a child receiving chemotherapy. The nurse should
  11. An assistive personnel on the pediatric unit brings to the nurse’s attention several clients’ vital signs. Which of the following clients should the nurse plan to assess first?
  12. The nurse should be aware postural drainage is useful for three of the following respiratory conditions Which condition is not usually treated with postural drainage?
  13. The nurse is caring for a 9-month-old who just returned from the PACU after a shunt placement for hydrocephalus. Which of the following physician’s orders would the nurse question?Pediatric Unit Assignment Essay
  14. The normal dose range for erythromycin, an antibiotic, is 30-50 mg/kg po in divided doses q6h. The physician ordered 250 mg po q6h for a child who weighs 30 kg. Is this a safe dose for this child? __.
  15. A newborn with patent ductus arteriosus is scheduled to receive indomethacin. The nurse administers this medication to:
  16. 6-year-old has had a viral infection for the past 5 days and is now having severe vomiting, confusion, and irritability, although he is now afebrile. During the assessment, the nurse should ask the parent which of the following questions?

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It was just another day in the pediatric ward — the second-year postgraduate student and I were scurrying around the 80-year-old building, monitoring patients. I felt some fleshy thing under my foot. Was it the rat that we saw earlier? I looked down to investigate. It turned out to be the leg of a patient ‘s relative, sleeping on the floor next to a child with meningitis. I apologized her as I squeezed my leg between her and our typhoid patient, who lay on a mat next to her, in the overcrowded ward. There were patients everywhere. But each one was getting the best possible care and that was my only concern. Just as I came back to measure the oxygen saturation of an asthmatic in the intensive unit, a group of 15-20 people rushed into the ward. A 2- year -old had a suspected scorpion bite. The incident had happened 6 hours back, in their village,* and the parents had tried traditional medicine and prayer. Everyone was shouting over each other, trying to explain what had happened, and valuable time was being lost. We started the examination while they relayed the story. The child was severely hypotensive, almost bluish, and the peripheries were extremely cold. There was only a feeble carotid pulse, and priapism — the child was close to death.Pediatric Unit Assignment Essay

NAME: Bhavana Pilla

Exercise 4.1 – Writing a Position Description



  1. Name (last, first, middle): Pilla, Bhavana
  2. Date: January 2012 – August 2014
  3. Job title: Junior Doctor
  4. How many people in organization have this title? 15
  5. Working title if different: Junior Doctor
  6. Organization: LIFE CARE HOSPITALS
  7. Work location (county or city) HYDERABAD, INDIA
  8. Division within organization: CLINICAL
  9. Title of immediate supervisor: Senior surgeon
  10. Organizational unit: Maternity and Pediatric Unit


  1. State the chief objective of the position in a brief statement:

• Monitoring and providing general care to patients on…show more content…
Percent of Total Working Time Work Tasks and Duties 25% – Monitoring vitals and regular follow up of the patients 25% – Working on daily patients and their paper work 25% – Coordinating with other staff about further details that need to be delegated to them and making sure the patient was satisfied before and after the service. 25 % – Counselling patients about the further care that has to be taken on discharge from the hospital. 12. What work actions and/or decisions are made without prior approval? To what extent are the advice and guidance from a supervisor received? State examples of the type of supervisory advice and guidance that are received as well as actions or decisions made without prior approval. • Attending out-patient care, diagnosing patients and preparing charts for further treatment plans. • Undertake managerial responsibilities such as planning the workload and staffing of the department in the hospital. • Work with other doctors as part of a team, either in the same department or within other specialties and liaising with other medical and non-medical staff to ensure quality treatment. • Promote health education by conducting regular workshops for the employees, students and also certain patient groups. 13. List and explain the contacts, if any, both Pediatric Unit Assignment Essay