Obesity Malnourished and the Eternal Diet

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Obesity Malnourished and the Eternal Diet

Technological advancement in the modern world has tempered with food to a point where many products old by the grocers are unrecognizable. The food shelved in food shops includes sugared and colored cereals. Also common is soda filled with dragged cereals. Our seemingly harmless trust in these products needs to be handled urgently through consumer education. Food is meant to nourish our bodies, enhance our immunity, and give us energy to undertake various activities. The food we consume has become very dangerously filled with sugars, chemical preservatives and chemical food coloring components the threaten our health with undesirable conditions such as obesity, heart problems concern and many more.Obesity Malnourished and the Eternal Diet

Food coloring and chemicals preservatives are manufactured and added to for two different reasons. The coloring is added to achieve uniformity in the color of food. For instance margarine gets it uniform color from food coloring. Also the color is used to make food look palatable and encourage people to consume more irrespective of the risks they bring on themselves Obesity Malnourished and the Eternal Diet

On the other hand the chemical preservatives are added on the food in order to increase their shell if span. The food with these preservatives is made to look fresh through various industrial process and addition of the persevering agents. Any buyer will buy this preserved food stuffs believing that they are as fresh as that from the gardens. The affluence that exists in our society today has even worsened the state of consumption of fresh food. People prefer buying the food that has been soaked in preservatives because they will stay for longer than the food that does not have preservatives.


The complex pharmacological nature of food is rarely valued today. This pharmacological nature is normally complicated by addition of chemicals through processing leading to detrimental side effect to anyone consuming these foods. Obesity, the most renowned problem related to food in the affluent ranks is perhaps a product to poor nutritious diets. Many people have stuffed themselves with more of one or a few types of nutrients while denying their bodies other basic nutrients. In such a case the people are malnourished despite having abundant food available in the sense that their bodies are deprived a particular type of nutrients.Obesity Malnourished and the Eternal Diet

According to Alexander (1990) material affluence has encouraged and contributed to the large number of people who are underfed. Most people depend on highly fleshy diets with minimal raw and fresh product as possible. This certainly denies the body very essential nutrients such as linolenic acids, fatty acids and linoleic acid which are mostly found in plant products such as fruits and grains. Our bodies do not have the ability to synthesis such fatty acids and therefore taking them in through the food we eat is very important. The nutrients are needed to facilitate the function of various hormones in the body and further assist t in fighting body disorders among others asthma, high blood pressure, menstrual camps, ulcers and toxemia pregnancy. Processing and to greater extent cocking serves to modify chemical composition of natural food products

Most processed food contains artificial food coloring which is vary detrimental to good health. The artificial food coloring is made of ingredients containing chemicals that originate from vey toxic sources. These chemicals can cause serious health problems to humans. A keen observation of the manufacture of these chemicals reveals that they are made from petroleum products or are derivatives of coal tar or petrochemicals. Ingestion of such chemical is something that can never be done by human or animal, however we continually ingest them when we consume processed foods (O’Connor, 2010).Obesity Malnourished and the Eternal Diet

Packaged food in most cases contains high volume of chemical preservatives. Certainly the high rates of chemical preservatives and colors contained in the processed have a close link to obesity. According to Basche (2009) the main possible reason for this is allergic reactions to the chemical preservatives and food coloring used on the food. The allergies take diverse forms including prompting the increase in body weight. In addition, the preservatives found in processed foods also accumulate in the body over a period of consumption and latter interfere with then natural body’s detoxification process. This exerts pressure on the body system leading to abnormal weight gain that is very dangerous and could lead to problems such as heart attacks. The accumulation of chemicals preservatives and food coloring chemical in the body is due to the synthetic nature that makes them indigestible by the human alimentary system. The state of the law which does not require manufactures to state the specific content of the food colorings used also serves to increase the consumption of harmful or allergic causing food colored products.

Certainly, it is clear that food coloring and the preservatives added to food are not good for human consumption. They are silent killer that consume the consumers health gradual leading to a myriad of health problems that could other wise be avoided if the consumer could have kept their diet fresh. As such people incur additional medical costs that are brought about the processed foods. However, as people become increasingly aware of their right to know what they are being sold, manufacturers shall increasingly be required to state the kind of food chemicals as food preservatives of coloring.Obesity Malnourished and the Eternal Diet