No More Obamacare

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No More Obamacare Assignment Essay

It is understood that the current state of the U.S. healthcare system is undergoing some major reformations. Medicaid, in particular, is being affected drastically. House Republicans passed a Healthcare bill Thursday May 4, 2017, that aims to repeal President Obama’s Obamacare. On a federal level, the bill has passed with a 217 to 213 vote and will be sent to the senate for voting. After a review of the bill by the legislative branch, the executive branch will carry out the laws enacted by this bill and end with an evaluation by the supreme court of the judicial branch. This bill targets various health care mandates and provisions that Obamacare implemented throughout its reign, and to be more specific, citizens with pre-existing health conditions, an endless list, will not qualify for health coverage. No More Obamacare Assignment Essay

This new bill will indeed cut healthcare funding on a state-by-state level, giving states a lump sum instead of a need basis, and cut local healthcare departments and programs. This will result in limited funding to the states from the federal government, which in turn will affect cities and local healthcare programs. It will be the state’s and city’s responsibility to allocate what little funds they receive. In short, less coverage for the poor and elderly.


Two competing solutions for America’s healthcare crisis are the Single Payer System and the Public Option system. Medicare and Medicaid are examples of the SPS, given the fact that they are single parties that pay healthcare costs and are regulated by either state of federal government. The Public Option System is one big federal insurance plan that regulates healthcare and eventually drives out smaller private insurance companies. It should be obvious that the single payer option, which Obamacare favored, is the preferable choice and will provide Americans with possible healthcare coverage, but apparently, the republicans think otherwise. The single player healthcare system will not only grant more funds for healthcare, it will provide coverage to a wider range of people, regardless of their sufficiency to afford healthcare. In all, the U.S. healthcare system is in dying need of a major transformation. No More Obamacare Assignment Essay

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No More Obamacare Assignment Essay