Networking Opportunities: Positive Social Change

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NURS 6002 /3 week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities

Hello, my name is xxx and I am a new student here at Walden University. I am currently enrolled in the AGACNP program and I’m very excited to be starting my first semester. I am a newer nurse having only graduated nursing school this past December but I am driven and focused on reaching my goals and advancing my degree. There are many reasons why I became a nurse, one being that I wanted to help all people. What I earn by that is the ability to work and interact with people from all different backgrounds, life stages, religions, and ethnicities. I felt that nursing was the best way to help all of mankind. Because of this, choosing the right college to continue my education and career was very important to me. I researched schools from all over the country before I decided that Walden University was the right fit for me. NURS 6002 /3 week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities


Implementing Positive Social Change

What drew me Walden was their emphasis on “positive social change”. I found that positive outlook and ethical practice were a major of their goals and visions for graduate students and mirrored the way I felt about how I wanted to be as a graduate student. It states “Walden supports positive social change through the development of principle sharing, knowledgeable, and ethical scholar-practitioners, who are and will become civic and professional role models by advancing the betterment of society.” (Walden university, 2020, para. 4). Many professionals forget that part of bettering overall health physically is by bettering our communities and the way we treat their physical health. Anyone can give medication but I want to make a difference in the way care is provided to individuals and different social economic groups. By reading this it showed me that Walden University would help me obtain the goals I set for myself and help me move forward in promoting positive changes in healthcare.

Diversity and Equality In Healthcare

In Waldens MSN Learning Outcome sit states that Walden, “Implement’s specialist nursing roles to promote quality improvement of patient-centered care in accordance with professional practice standards that transform health outcomes for diverse populations.” (Walden University. 2020a). This statement stuck with me because we live in a world with many different kinda of people. One of the greatest privileges I have had was to work with and care for all different individuals, not only by helping them but learning from them. Reading this was when I had my “ah-ha” moment that Walden was the right institution for me. Changing not only someone’s physical health but how we implement that change was a major goal of mine as graduate nurse. Promoting of Ethical principals and equality in healthcare is something that I feel will only be emphasized more int he years to come. NURS 6002 /3 week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities


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sample response post

Thank you for your discussion board contribution this week, it was very well put and thought out. I too am perusing the Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP) program and found their emphasis on the learning outcomes one while achieve upon completion of the program quite compelling.

You discuss being able to work with peoples of different backgrounds, one of the learning outcomes Walden exemplifies is that to be able to “integratively assess, diagnosis, plan, implement, and evaluate cost-effective healthcare strategies that reduce health disparities by patient/population advocacy for access to specialist nursing care”. (msn-nurse-practitioner-acute-care 2020) I feel this learning outcome aligns greatly with your goals in becoming a AGACNP as well because you want to advocate for you patient no matter what population they come from. Through this you will not only be able to advocate for your patients and the population you serve, but also you will be able to implement positive social change, which you also discuss, through specialized nursing care.

I believe a great networking team for you to utilize during this program will be the Walden University library. For example, I typed “nursing” in the search bar in the library and a multitude of items appeared. The one that stood out to me most was under “Quick Answers”, it was titled, “Where can I find the nursing practicum manual?”. (Academic Guides: Home: Library 2020) This will be of great importance when the time comes when you are completing your practicums. It is resources, teams if you will, like this that Walden offers that set each student up to succeed. Best of luck! NURS 6002 /3 week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities


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Discussion: Networking Opportunities
This week you begin to lay the foundation for your academic and professional success. Your efforts begin with a vision, which includes your own definition of success. Your vision may vary from those of your colleagues, but this does not mean you have to take these first steps alone.

Walden University and the College of Nursing also have a vision and mission, which include helping you to make your own vision a reality. Members of your new academic community, such as faculty, support teams, and fellow students, can also be helpful. Current practitioners and other members of the professional community can also help you to clarify your vision.

This week’s Discussion asks you to think about how the Walden mission and vision and the College of Nursing mission and vision apply to your professional and academic goals. You will also begin to identify individuals and teams that can help you along the way, as you begin to design the “blueprint”—your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan—that will guide you toward your own vision for academic and professional success.

To Prepare:

Review the Walden and the College of Nursing mission and vision statements, Walden’s goals and University Outcomes, and the MSN Program Learning Outcomes presented in this week’s Learning Resources.
Reflect on your professional and academic goals as they relate to your program/specialization.
Consider how the information in these resources fit with your own goals and to your becoming a scholar-practitioner.
Also consider academic and professional individuals and teams that you may collaborate with in support of your efforts as a student at the University and as a professional within your organization and career.
By Day 3
Post a brief post introducing yourself to your colleagues. Include an explanation for how Walden’s vision, mission, goals, and social change initiatives relate to your professional and academic goals and to your becoming a scholar-practitioner. Also include an explanation for how the Walden MSN program outcomes and perspectives relate to your professional and academic goals and to your becoming a scholar-practitioner. NURS 6002 /3 week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities

My goals and University Vision and Mission

My name is Makir Pierre-Antoine, I am currently enrolled in the MSN Adult Gerontology Primary Nurse Care Practitioner program. I have been a nurse for many years and my philosophy is simple: be compassionate, caring, and utile to a diverse group of people. The elderly and underserved community resonates with me as these population tend to be overlooked. Throughout my career as a professional registered nurse, I always do a little more for my patients.

Moreover, I emphasize education and knowledge because it determines or rather directly influences the specific core of physiological, psychological, emotional, and cultural processes. The well-being of a community is mainly dependent on how well they understand diseases and prevention care. The lack of primary care prevails in this era, and infirmities are on the rise due to misinformation or lack of information. NURS 6002 /3 week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities

The mission of nursing to me is not only being advanced and competent as a professional nurse; it’s being able to deliver compassionate and culturally congruent care. My vision is to deliver the best service to a community that is seemingly vulnerable and helpless due to lack of empathy or lack of resources. I would engage this community so that there’s the highest care through life’s


Incorporating of Social Change

Therefore, my goals are embodied in Walden University mission of social change, which believe in a shared responsibility to advance racial and social justice, aligning with underserved communities. Our actions matter. It is up to us to unite and stand together in solidarity for racial justice as well as for the respect of every individual’s worth and dignity (2020a). NURS 6002 /3 week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities

The MSN program outcomes and perspective relate to my professional and academic goals because it strives to effectively strategize health disparities by patient population, and advocate for access to specialize nursing care. This will empower me with the tools to evaluate the health needs of diverses population for necessary teaching, coaching and function based on a specialist nursing knowledge to restore, promote health and prevent illness and injury (2020b).


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Support main post with 3 of more current, credible sources and cite source within content of posting and on a reference list in proper APA.

By Day 6
Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days, by suggesting additional individuals and/or teams with whom to collaborate or by offering additional networking strategies. NURS 6002 /3 week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities

Be sure to offer support from at least 2 current, credible sources in each required response to classmates’ main post and cite per APA.

Networking in nursing

As a practicing registered nurse since 2001, I have seen changes in the way that post-secondary education is available and delivered to students. Online classes were not widely available when I obtained an associate degree as a medical assistant in 1998 and later, an associate degree in nursing. These degrees were obtained strictly by attending classes on campus. In 2014, I started an online program through University of Michigan for RN to BSN completion. The online learning component made it possible for me to further my education while raising children and working.

“Walden University envisions a distinctively different 21st-century learning community where knowledge is judged worthy to the degree that it can be applied by its graduates to the immediate solutions of critical societal challenges, thereby advancing the global good” (Walden University, 2020, para. 1). As someone who has completed an online college education, I believe that my degree is no less “worthy” than a degree obtained by attending class on campus. It has not prevented me from getting a job and I have not perceived any negative attitudes by having done so. NURS 6002 /3 week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities

One of Walden’s goals is “To provide multicontextual educational opportunities for career learners” (Walden University, 2020, para. 3). This is important to me because learning is unique to the individual; I may be a visual learner while you learn from verbal instruction or vice versa. Another example is that if I’m unable to attend college full-time I can attend part-time. The fact that I can continue to work and take classes online with visual, written and verbal instruction will help me to reach my professional goal, which is to become an advanced practice registered nurse. Additionally, an academic goal of mine is to complete this program in about two years, which is possible through Walden.

A Learning Outcome of the MSN program at Walden is to “Exhibit ongoing commitment to professional development and value of nursing theories/ethical principles (altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, social justice) in accordance with ethically responsible, legal accountable, specialist nursing practice” (Walden University, 2020, para. 1). Additionally, “Integration of adult ACNPs into critical care teams is most likely to be successful when practitioners have appropriate training, supervision and mentoring to facilitate their ability to practice efficiently and effectively” (Hoffman & Guttendorf, 2017, para. 1). As a nurse practitioner, I will commit to continue my professional development by seeking out opportunities to do so. These opportunities may be in the form of (but not limited to) classes offered through work, reading up on the current literature and guidelines for acute care nurse practitioners and/or becoming board certified. Additionally, I will provide care to patients that is evidence-based, ethical, and respectful of the patient’s autonomy and dignity. NURS 6002 /3 week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities


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