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NURS – 6003N Discussion: Networking Opportunities

Hello everyone! I am xxx a circulating nurse from South Carolina. I am the mother and a grandmother who loves picnics in the park. I have enjoyed serving my community as a perioperative nurse for more than 15 years. However, I have always favored caring for older patients and caring for others by helping them to find resources when they are not well. My vision of success as a student is to successfully complete all the required courses to become a Nurse Practitioner specializing in gerontology. I am confident that I will be successful because Walden University s’s values include a student-centered and provides many resources to ensure that success. I plan to diligently access all available resources that will aid me in completing this program. The resources include the writing center, my student advisor, my course instructor, library, instructor, academic skills team, and community resources. Professionally my goal is to become a nurse practitioner and to manage patients at homecare. Ensuring that particularly our senior population can access the care they deserve to decrease the number of elderly hospitalizations. I will accomplish this by collaborating with others in the community and networking with other healthcare resources. NURS – 6003N Discussion: Networking Opportunities

The purpose of this discussion is to explain how Walden’s vision, mission, goals, and social change initiatives relate to my professional and academic goals and to becoming a scholar-practitioner. I will also include how the Walden MSN Program Outcomes and perspectives relate to my professional and academic goals and to becoming a scholar-practitioner. My academic goal is to earn my MSN-FNP and I will be prepared to care for patients in my community with the most current foundational knowledge. (Walden 2019)”According to the vision of Walden University, the knowledge I gain at Walden can be applied by its graduates to immediate solutions” Professionally I envision myself working as a Nurse practitioner in a center that works with families to provide a plan of care and to provide preventative care. I will be a nurse that collaborates with my team implementing solutions to improve the quality of life of patients. I will be able to communicate my ideas more effectively to patients and my colleagues. By adhering to a strict study schedule and staying on task with my assignments I will be successful in achieving this goal. NURS – 6003N Discussion: Networking Opportunities

When I think about how Walden’s vision, mission, goals, and social change initiatives relate to my current academic goals. I am reminded of its’ vision According to Walden’s vision, “knowledge is judged by its ability to be applied or used to solve current problems in society to develop solutions.” Likewise, the knowledge we are learning is applicable for immediate use in our current practice to solve problems. Walden’s vision, mission, and goals are all aimed at impacting social change in the community in a positive manner. For example, improving the quality of life for patients by providing, education, resources, etc. that impact positive social changes in lives and the community. As a scholar-practitioner, I am looking forward to using the skills I will learn at Walden University to better understand how to apply the research and to analyze the evidence to implement programs or guidelines to improve the health of my community. According to Walden’s MSN learning outcomes, “Implement specialist nursing roles to promote quality improvement of patient-centered care by professional practice standards that transform health outcomes.” My future role as a Nurse Practitioner and community health advocate hinge requires honesty, integrity, and innovation. These values are included in Walden’s Learning Outcomes and I believe are precursors to effecting positive social change in the community. Schmidt added networking and the importance of professional nurse engagement to assist our colleagues and improving healthcare systems. I am one of those nurses who have not regularly networked enough in my career (Wofford 2018) According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 70% of jobs are found through professional networking. There are many ways to affect positive social change in healthcare. Recognizing and acknowledging the importance of diversity in our community through health promotion is one way. Working to effect social change by promoting and caring for all people with respect no matter differences that may be present. Acknowledging the similarities and differences nurses are in a unique position to work closely with patients and other team members to improve the quality of life of our patients. I concur that effecting positive social change requires transformation and willingness to collaborate to solve problems in patient care. (Walden 2019)” Walden’s mission as it relates to the diversity of career professionals as we become scholar-practitioners.” NURS – 6003N Discussion: Networking Opportunities

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response 1

It is wonderful to “meet” you ma’am. Thank you for the post and insight. When I first started my nursing career, I envisioned working with our aging senior population. I believed that is where I would feel most comfortable. Growing up in a small West Virginia coal mine community, I was always surrounded by my grandparents and their friends, which is maybe why I felt that way. I also liked the idea of giving something back to this greatest generation. However, since I have started working in Corrections, I feel at home. According to a 2016 report, by the U.S Department of Justice, “the number of prisoners age 55 or older sentenced to more than 1 year in state prison increased 400% between 1993 and 2013, from 26,300 (3% of the total state prison population) in 1993 to 131,500 (10% of the total population) in 2013” (Carson & Sabel, 2016). I am not sure if it is this increasing senior population or the lack of care, they all seem to have coming into a prison community that draws me in, but something has made me feel connected to this community more than I could imagine. NURS – 6003N Discussion: Networking Opportunities

Another key, which drew me to your post, was your commitment to improving the quality of life in the care of your patients. This is a responsibility we as advanced nurse care givers can not and should not overlook. I a study, from Missouri University it was noted “over a six-year period APRNS improved the quality of care for nursing home residents which resulted in a resulted in reduced avoidable hospitalizations and emergency room visits, leading to better overall health and more than $31 million in savings” (Vogelsmeier et al, 2021). While this is one study, and in one area, the quality-of-life improvements and better outcomes cannot be overlooked. In our duty to care, a duty to quality-of-life must be a higher priority no matter where we end up working.

Thanks again for your post and thoughts, I really did enjoy reading your post. Have a great week!



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sample response 2

I enjoyed reading your post and hearing about your family. Walden outcomes state that the goal is to use the knowledge obtained to positively impact the community, society, and profession I hope this program helps you encourage those you come in contact with to grow, whether it be using your knowledge to provide for an individual or an entire community you work with. Lifelong learning will continue to be a critical element in the nursing profession as interprofessional practice unfolds in healthcare and as the role of the nurse changes to meet the needs of the nation….by becoming engaged in educational pursuits to provide the highest quality care. In this manner, nurses can help revolutionize healthcare” Decelle (July 2015). NURS – 6003N Discussion: Networking Opportunities

I too was drawn to Walden’s outreach and I value the need to stay engaged with other professionals in a rapidly changing industry like nursing. Utilizing professional networking with both experienced and novice nurses is crucial, “Nurses can develop relationships with individuals who work in their desired fields or roles with the intent of gaining knowledge…. An invaluable resource for knowledge that can be instrumental in advancing the nurse’s career”, Schmidt (Nov 2018). I am looking forward to the support and growth that will occur within our cohort as we transition to graduate-prepared nurses.


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post 2


I am delighted to be in this program with you all. I am convinced that you all have a lot to offer knowledge wise. I have been a nurse for a year and eight months. It has been great experience so far working as a registered nurse. I enjoy adventures and meeting people. I cannot wait to read from you all the next 11 weeks. NURS – 6003N Discussion: Networking Opportunities


Walden’s vision addresses equipping the students in 21st century to better face future challenges. In this 21st century I cannot afford not to improve myself by acquiring more knowledge so as to meet the challenges that may arise. I want to be fully prepared to be up to any future task.


I relate with diverse community of career professionals because I learn a lot from them, and that way we all get to effect positive change together. But if I separate myself from other ethnicity and professional groups; it will slow change and eventually get in the way of change from being happening.


Walden’s goals align with my goal of being in this program, which is to produce graduates who are scholarly, reflective practitioners and agents of positive social change (Walden,2019). When I graduate, I want to reflect as an agent of positive change wherever I find myself.

Social change in relation to professional and academic goals to my becoming a scholar practitioner. Positive social change brings about development of human and social conditions (Walden,2019). I know this program will equip me to be principled, knowledgeable and ethical. All these will prepare me to bring about social change wherever I find myself. NURS – 6003N Discussion: Networking Opportunities

I consider LinkedIn and will continue to be a member because I have gained a lot tremendously on this platform, as well as Walden’s Facebook group. I learn from the group on a daily basis since I joined.

Walden’s MSN program outcomes wants to prepare us to be able to demonstrate information on literacy, use the knowledge acquired positively to impact the community and society these are exactly my aspirations. I want to be useful to my community of which I have always been by serving my community as a nurse.

It is of great privilege to be able to go over these mission, goals, values, social changes and MSN program outcomes. It gives me confidence that I will do well because most of it align with my personal goals, mission, values and purpose.


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post 3

My name is Linda Agba. I am a registered nurse since 2016.

My vision of success includes completing and passing course works in this program. In order to be successful, the importance of professional networking cannot be overemphasized. For instance, professional networking may encourage the attitude of hard work among colleagues. Secondly, professional networking may provide the forum for lobbying for many deserving healthcare policies. Thirdly, professional networking may encourage and provide the forum for fundraising for the establishment of accessible health care settings, training sites for nurse practitioners for the specific targeted populations and society (Wofford, 2018). NURS – 6003N Discussion: Networking Opportunities

An explanation as to how Walden’s vision, mission, goals, and social change initiatives related to my professional and academic goals and to my becoming a scholar-practitioner:

As a Walden University student my professional and academic goals and to my becoming a scholar-practitioner include:

To embrace and integrate into daily practice every single available classroom, clinical, virtual, etc., professors led teachings to achieve competency, mastery as a primary care provider to my patients and their families. As well as to improve the health outcomes of our society and even better health outcomes for the future (Walden University, n.d., 2018).
To train and to be equipped with ground breaking capabilities as a future clinical nurse leader, a family nurse primary care provider, with the impeccability to contribute immensely to the ever growing accessibility to the health care services in various settings to suit the need and care of patients (Walden University, n.d., 2018).
(a). Make available quality clinical health care services and settings, to targeted populations, uneasily reach areas, underserved societies, rural communities, and societies.
(b). Contribute and ensure to the provision of adequately furnished clinical training sites for future nurse practitioners with aim of instilling competence, mastery, confidence, equipped with vibrant transition experience (Walden University, n.d., 2018). NURS – 6003N Discussion: Networking Opportunities

(c.). Contribute to the establishment of dedicated quality nurse practitioner practicum which prepares nurse practitioners to work in any setting with expertise, leadership capabilities, roles, confidence, at the home and abroad (Walden University, n.d., 2018).

Academic and professional individuals and teams with whom I may collaborate in support of my efforts as a student at the university and as a professional within my organization and career, include:

My enrollment specialist
My course instructors.
The instructors at the writing centers
List of Nursing Organizations.
In conclusion, the fruition of MSN – FNP in Walden University will most definitely come from staying focused on the mission statement, vision statement, academic goals, professional goals, personal goals, completing course requirements, and maintaining professional networking.

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