My Attitude To Criminalizing Abortion

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My Attitude To Criminalizing Abortion

Pro life or pro choice? I am pro-choice because it is none of my business what people are doing with their bodies. If I was a woman, I would have wanted to be in control of my body because it is my body and no one else’s. I believe, fundamentally, that woman should have the right to make the decision on whether to have an abortion or not. For a child to reach their full potential, they need love from their parents and safe family environment, and how can you love something you never wanted in the first place? Being an unwanted child must be hard, though I never experienced it myself. If you are an unwanted child, you will most likely be placed in the care of the state and from the statics I have seen, you will most likely end up in prison.My Attitude To Criminalizing Abortion

At this point, you are just basically giving birth to criminals. I know that sounds harsh, but that is just how it is, it is a fact. Parents are not going to invest their time in something they never wanted and it fully understandable why they would not. A person who is set on not being pregnant will find a way to end their pregnancy, whether it is legal or not. Criminalising abortion is not going to stop it, it just drives people to the illegal side, which is always a bad thing because it just puts a woman in more danger. It is safer to do medical abortions but when those are not around, you have to go for the next best thing which is backstreet “clinics”. To sum up, the reasons why I am pro-choice is that I believe that every person should be in charge of their own body, and that criminalising abortion is just going to drive people onto the illegal side.


How do you feel about animal cruelty? I feel disgusted every time I look at the news and see a story about animal cruelty. Seeing a person hurt their animals just to see them suffer, is one of the most disgusting thing seen. I feel like people like those should be locked up, and there have been some cases where people have been locked up for animal cruelty, which is good because people like these will escalate from hurting their pets to hurting humans. I am kind of conflicted about how I should feel when it comes to forcing animals to live unnaturally for the benefit of us humans. In one hand, I feel like that an animal should be fed and hydrated and also housed in a comfortable place where they can behave naturally. And if you take one of those things away, it is animal cruelty.My Attitude To Criminalizing Abortion

On the other hand, we need to force animals to live in a cramped warehouse like in barns, for us to have enough space to house more animals because then we have enough food for every human being in the world. Like I see a person down the street, abusing his dog, I will most likely intervene and try to stop the pet owner but I read an article about a company that has been abusing their animals for years, I would most likely buy their product anyways. I truly believe that we owe it to our animals to treat them with love and compassion. In my opinion animal cruelty is not the same level as child abuse, but it is up there.My Attitude To Criminalizing Abortion