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Women’s Health : Menopause Essay

Menopause is one of the most challenging moments in the life of women not only in terms of their physiology but also in terms of their social life and cultural norms. Women responses to menopause vary consistently depending on their cultural background, but they undergo the same physiological change in the course of menopause, which marks the transition from the reproductive period of their life to aging. Therefore, menopause is challenging not only physiologically but also culturally and socially that means that women should come prepared to menopause, which is natural and inevitable but their preparedness can facilitate this transition.Women’s Health : Menopause Essay

Menopause is the natural condition, which all women undergo, as they reach the age, when their reproductive period ends, they stop menstruating and the transition to aging begins (Hawkes, 2004). Even though this transition from the reproductive period to aging is natural, many women come unprepared to such changes. In this regard, researchers (Davis, et al., 2005) distinguish women, who are aware of medical aspects of this condition, and women, who view menopause at the cultural level, rather than as a medical condition (Somjen, 2007). Remarkably, women, who perceive their menopause as a medical condition, face more challenges during the menopause, while women, who perceive menopause on the ground of existing cultural norms and beliefs,


physiological or medical aspect and socio-cultural ones. From the medical perspective, menopause is absolutely natural but involves considerable hormonal changes and changes in the regular functioning of women body (Bevers, 2007). The stop of menstruation, the change of the hormonal background and other changes associated with aging, which starts after menopause, are serious stressors for female body. This is why many women feel distressed and uncomfortable and they need time to get accustomed to physiological changes that have taken place to their body (Ricklefs & Wikelski, 2002). Even though these changes are not as fast and drastic as changes associated with the maturation of women, but still the physiological impact of menopause on the health and wellbeing of women can hardly be underestimated (Peccei, 2001). They have to adapt their life to their changed body and physiology and their new self, in a way. However, women, who perceive menopause as a sheer medical condition feel desperate because they may be eager to continue their regular life but their body virtually goes out of control and the nature triggers the mechanism of menopause that leads to irrevocable changes in their body. This is why such transformations are challenging and stressful for women.Women’s Health : Menopause Essay

At the socio-cultural level, women may perceive menopause in different ways. As a rule, women view menopause as just another stage in their development. They view menopause as the transition to aging (Dreisler, et al., 2013). In such a context, menopause serves as a marker of aging, which means that they have grown old and the aging has started. Different cultures have different norms but, as a rule, they help women to adapt to changes that have taken place in their life. In such a way, they complete the transition and shift to aging, where they eventually confront end of life issues.

Thus, menopause is natural but challenging condition for women. They may not always come prepared to menopause. This is why the assistance is essential at both physiological and socio-cultural level to facilitate menopause and its effects.Women’s Health : Menopause Essay