Medical Camps and Their Importance

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Medical Camps and Their Importance Essay

Medical camps are events organized by the medical personnel to give free consultations, diagnosis, surgeries, and treatment to the public. The public is usually notified some days before the function. This will enable them to avail themselves and enjoy the services of having their health evaluated.Medical Camps and Their Importance Essay. This offers a great deal in public awareness about health and the importance of getting their health checked. The target here is not necessarily patients but everybody in the public who shows interest. The exercise is usually aimed at extending health services and bringing them closer to the general public. These medical camps offer a platform for young nurses and medical doctors to put their skills into practice and get the necessary experience (Zaccagninib & Pechacet, 2019).

What is the role of medical camps in society? What impacts do they have on the community matters health? This research shows why medical camps should be conducted and their effects on the nation as far as health issues are concerned. It also helps to weigh out if the medical fields offer the young nurses and doctors the real-life experience of handling medical conditions. It serves as an ushering in a plan for the young medical practitioners to the real-life scenarios. The young professionals familiarize themselves with what to expect in the field of health. These medical camps also help the society and medical staff to interact freely form the setting of the hospital. This shows to the community that the services have been brought closer to them..Medical Camps and Their Importance Essay.

Nursing at the camps is different from that in the hospital. The conditions here are different from those in the hospital setting. The nurses and other medical staff get to break the monotony of hospital operations. This eliminated boredom as this may look a new working place even if it is just for some short period. The nurses may also have an opportunity of interacting with other nurses from other health institutions. This interaction may be beneficial in that they may learn from each other and their different cultures.

Nursing in the camps may be hectic, considering the different problems being brought about by the public. There is no set of buildings as in the hospital whereby every kind of question is addressed at a specific department. Here all problems are discussed in the outdoor setting. However, cases that may require referrals to the hospital are treated with the seriousness they deserve. The camps also do offer some challenges, which may turn out to be lessons to the nurses. Since they may lack all the hospital facilities, the test of perseverance, and the ability to work in adverse conditions comes in. This being a sensitive career, the nurses are always exposed to some form of learning (Chism, 2017).

Medical camps do offer essential services to society. They not only give doctors and nurses a platform of working outdoors but also extend services to the local people. Sometimes the people may not have the financial ability to get to the health institutions for services. Medical camps usually offer services free of charge. The only requirement necessary is only physical attendance. Medical camps are generally conducted in the event of a specific health issue that needs to be investigated and to do a limited health intervention mostly among the less fortunate in society. Medical Camps and Their Importance Essay.


Medical camps give a platform for educating the public about some health issues. This can be information about a disease and the necessary precautions to take in case of an outbreak. For matters research, these camps help the nurses and the doctors to establish which areas are prone to some diseases. This will make the nurses and doctors give more informed information about some conditions in some areas. Take the case of a common infectious disease like malaria. If the nurses and doctors have a camp somewhere and they are affected by mosquitoes, then definitely they’ll advise the locals on what to do. This will be aimed at solving malaria cases, which may seem to be prone to the area.

Information about some common conditions such as cancer is best given out during medical camps. This is because the general public is offered a platform for fee scanning of these conditions and what to do in case they are affected by these conditions. This information is also essential to the government for planning purposes. In most cases, medical camps are used to encourage the general public to always seek medical intervention in case of an outbreak of diseases. Medical Camps and Their Importance Essay. Examples of medical fields focusing on eye checks, cancer screening, TB screening, and vaccination are some of the everyday activities in medical camps. Mostly these services are free of charge.

Medical camps also do offer advisory services to the general public. This includes their dietary content, primary healthcare, and hygiene. The setting away from the hospital gives the nurses and doctors to interact with the general public at their places. They are advised on hygiene practices, what to consume, and the quantities and also primary healthcare products. The general public here has more contact time with the professionals to gain some advice. The staff also gets to learn about the living conditions of the people out there. Medical camps also do offer a privilege to the physically disabled. This is because the services are brought to society; these people don’t have to travel far for the services. This helps a great deal when it comes to transportation fees.

The research is independent of the nursing theories despite having information about some methods. The approaches used here or those which can be best applicable include the theory of Interpersonal Relations, The theory of self-care deficit. The nursing paradigm involves four elements that are, the environment, personal, health, and nursing (Smith & Parker, 2015). The research here also requires information from other disciplines in which they are interrelated. An example is psychology. Counseling is also a critical discipline here. They are interlinked and aid in the offering of health care services. For instance, a patient may require advice after or before some test about a specific condition. Medical Camps and Their Importance Essay.

The hypothesis here is that the role of medical camps and the relevance to society comes out clearly. They are essential as far as community health is concerned and play a significant role in communal health services. The design used in this study is qualitative since no substantial numerical figure was used. The reasoning used here is deductive since we depend on logic from various premises to validate it. Sampling here is pure random since any community member can be interviewed and give information on how medical camps are of significance to them. The data analysis technique employed here is the narrative analysis since it depends on views from the people.


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