Mathematical Concepts In Healthcare

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Mathematical Concepts In Healthcare

Economic sustainability in healthcare is important because it ensures that the people’s basic needs as well as economic advancement opportunities are extended. Mathematical concepts in a healthcare or a wellness company are of great importance in promoting or boosting economic sustainability. In any healthcare company, various mathematical concepts such as formula, linear equations, models, and order of operations are applicable. These do not only help in saving time and ensuring quality service but also helps in economical sustainability as a whole (Simmers, 2004).
In any result-oriented institution, there are specific rules and regulations that govern every action that is performed.Mathematical Concepts In Healthcare In a healthcare company, doctors and nurses follow stipulated rules and conditions in order to ensure that patients or those receiving their services are given what they require. A mathematical concept like order of operation is the most significant in this company. There is need to follow the right order of operations if the best results are to be expected. Just like in solving a mathematical problem, which has several steps to undertake, health care needs such steps applied so as to obtain the best results. In attending to a patient for example, one cannot prescribe certain medication without first diagnosing in order to know the proper medication to be administered (Simmers, 2004).
Moreover, when undertaking a surgical operation, the patient should first be made unconscious before undergoing the surgery where other orderly procedures are undertaken one after the other. The best expected results would only be obtained if these steps were taken in the right order. Other than this concept, linear equations concept is also applied in health care. Mathematically, linear equations are those equations whose terms are either a product of a particular constant and the first power of a variable or a constant or both (Simmers, 2004). This is seen in terms of medicine administration where different medicines are administered either together with others or as a single dose.Mathematical Concepts In Healthcare


Modeling is also a common mathematical concept applied in healthcare companies. Models are used to project the future. Given the past and current conditions, the trend of illness occurrences can be made in a simple or complex model and the future data or information obtained. These models can also be used in choosing the date for next medical attention.
Various departments within the healthcare industry call for use of different models. Such departments include emergency care, screening for cervical cancer and in aged care. One common model utilized in healthcare is the comparative model. In this model, forecasting tools are used to determine the future scenarios of various circumstances. For instance, the prediction of survival of the ageing living for another 8 years can be done best by use of the comparative model. The prediction of hospital occupancy has also been arrived successfully by use of comparative models.Mathematical Concepts In Healthcare

The following is an example of a model in healthcare management:

(Adapted from Simmers, 2004).
Finally, a formula is that which helps someone to solve a problem. There are different formulas that can be used to solve certain problems. Although these formulas lead to the same end results, the need to choose the appropriate formula is important in order to use the most economical way and obtain the same result (Simmers, 2004). Just like in other operations, healthcare formula in carrying out medical activities is important so as to reduce cost and maximize benefits hence economical sustainability.Mathematical Concepts In Healthcare