Marketing Role in Business

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Marketing Role in Business Discussion Essay

Module 2 Discussion Forum – Marketing’s Role in Business
Question: Discuss how the marketing mix will vary in relationship to the offering of a service and of a product.


1.The required length for your original posting is 400 above words, and po 2 replies for your classmate discussions, replies should be a minimum of 250 words. (Classmate discussions are provided below)

2.APA format

Two references must under discussion

Reading Assignment

Textbook chapter 3


Supplemental Resources
Chron – Examples of Marketing Objectives

Harvard Business Review – Four Steps to Forecast Total Market Demand

Below is the Textbook PDF format

Marketing Role in Business Discussion Essay

Classmate 1: by Sayali Bhadke – Wednesday, 1 July 2020, 4:11 PM

Marketing Mix Relationship: Marketing Mixes for Services believes that it is feasible to deliberatein advance and manage all customer relationships through communications mix. This is done by examining a market’s marketing mix, its economic mix and purchasing mix. It is interesting to learn that although e-commerce companies’ business models are based on a monolithic vision of selling online, many have a mix of online and offline distribution channels, so that they can source service providers efficiently and profitably. When deciding which channels are appropriate for each market, many traditional e-commerce companies initially restrict themselves to the physical channels, such as physical stores or contact centers. Those channels do not offer the same level of access as a web-based or mobile marketer.

People: It promotes the basis for greater human solidarity; 2) It facilitates the charity which replaces greed (the value added of communitarian goods), and 3) It encourages the formation of a modern human civilization in which human beings would treat each other with greater love and dignity. At the turn of the last century, both reformist and traditionalist notions of the ultimate goal for society have been in place within Christian thought. Rong-shan’s four Ps speak for an excellent synthesis of the meaning and values of Christian life.

Physical Evidence: Tangible proof is characterized by the main disparities between advertising mixes of products and services. Products that have received a higher level of investment and development by organizations of similar size have performed better in the long term than those less invested. That’s why; in general, more resources have been invested in technology-enabled firms, such as Apple, Google and Facebook. (Belzberg, A. (2016))

Process: The service delivery procedure is extremely vital, especially for large-scale projects, which require the integration of large assemblies and data. The virtualization environment is commonly used for development environments for graphic user interfaces (GUIs), such as browsers and web applications. For applications designed to be run on mobile devices, the virtual environment has been extended by a web browser and APIs.
High-throughput storage services, such as storage for the Internet of Things, are provided by storage systems such as public cloud services and the commercial services. These can also host services for applications with a limited functionality. In addition, application-specific storage can be provided by mass-storage controllers. (Parry, G. (2017))


Boers, M., Hagar, R., &Belzberg, A. (2016). Additive manufacturing for consumer-centric business models: Implications for supply chains in consumer goods manufacturing. Technological forecasting and social change, 102, 225-239.

Kowalkowski, C., Geber, H., Kamp, B., & Parry, G. (2017). Servitization and deservitization: Overview, concepts, and definitions. Industrial Marketing Management, 60, 4-10.

Marketing Role in Business Discussion Essay

Classmate 2: by JYOTHSNA MALLURI – Wednesday, 1 July 2020, 10:45 PM

The Marketing Services Kit is a continuation of the 4PS framework. The other three components remain the main components of the product, advertising, pricing, and placement. People, tests, and methods are part of the 7P combination. The need for expansion has arisen due to the increase in direct connections between service providers and their customers, the overly obvious nature of service methods, and the current workforce and consumption. Although it is possible to discuss human processes, testing, and 4P processes (e.g., people may be considered part of a product offering), this extension allows for a deeper analysis of the market factors required for successful service marketing.


In terms of services, the “product” is immutable, heterogeneous, and perishable. In addition, their production and consumption are not separate. Thus, the offer can be tailored to the needs of the customer and therefore it is especially important to meet with the customers. However, oversimplification compromises normal production and quality of services. Therefore, you should take special care when planning a service offer.

The first part of the marketing model is your product. In today’s environment, a product can be a product or service designed to meet the needs of a group of consumers. For example, you can create children’s running shoes or e-commerce software for other companies.


The key to an effective product is to make sure you have the right product for your market. You start by evaluating how your brand offer is evaluated. In other words, start looking at your products or services from an outside perspective and find out if your brand offers the right solutions at the right time (Chan 2015).


Advertising, direct marketing and sales promotion. TV ads, online ads, catalogs, trade shows, billboards and even the above maxi taxis are all types of ads. This category also includes public relations activities, such as the distribution of press releases or ongoing media relations. The campaign includes what is communicated, who it is aimed at, how it reaches the target audience and how often the ad is delivered.


All elements of the marketing element interact. They make a business plan and they do it well. However, it is a mistake and a business can take years to recover. The marketing package requires a lot of understanding, market research and consultation with a lot of people, from business users to the workforce (Steffens 2002). Marketing Role in Business Discussion Essay


Chan, K.C.; Mills, T.M. (2015). “Modeling competition over product life cycles”. Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research. 32 (4): 1550021.

Steffens, P (2002). “The Product Life Cycle Concept: Buried or Resurrected by the Diffusion Literature?”. Academy of Management Conference. 1 (5): 1–30.

Marketing Role in Business Discussion Essay