Market Analysis Course Work

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Market Analysis Course Work

The health care system in most states has many unmet challenges that affect people. For instance, many people spend most of their time waiting in the hospital lobbies to see the doctor. Some of this people in most occasions’ not seriously sick or have minor issues like flue, cough or something that does not need a doctor’s attention as much. Most of the people who get affected so much by this luck of services are parents with kids. Parents get extremely worried whenever their own children become sick and always rush them to hospital whenever the child shows any form of sickness. I plan in introducing a new service, which will seek to help parents protect their children by not taking them to hospital and exposing them to all types of bacteria that can affect them. I plan to introduce a service, which will only be offered to the parents. To be more precise, parents having children aged between 3 and 12 will benefit from the service (Dunn 37).Market Analysis Course Work
The new program is computer software that can be installed in a computer. The program carries with it information that helps solve the small problems that affect children. For instance, the program will contain information about flu, cough, and diarrhea that mainly affect children. While explaining what the problem is, the program will offer remedies in terms of medicine and measures that can be taken in the future to prevent such diseases from affecting the children. Research shows that almost 73.4% of American homes have computers (Stevens 233). This will make it easy to market the program. The fact that it is hard information and not a research that one has to waste time browsing through the Internet, it will be more accessible and helpful to the parents.Market Analysis Course Work The reason of specification of age between 3-12 years is that kids within this age bracket are most in danger of being affected by these diseases (Stevens 167).


Marketing the new services and the program will not be hard because every parent would want to see his or her child treated in a safe environment. However, the challenge will be to convince the parent to buy and use the new software. The main reason as to why this will be an extremely hard task is that naturally parents do not like to risk the life of their children to something they are not sure (Nivin 112). The thought that they are not qualified will see them resist this new program. The marketing team will come up with a way to introduce or make parents feel safe about using the new product. For instance, if a parent will not be able to understand what the program is about a medical practitioner will be dispatched to go and clarify with the parent how it works. The medical practitioner will spend up to a week with the subject. During this period, the client will be taught how the program works (Johnson 209).Market Analysis Course Work
The service being offered seeks to eliminate overcrowding in hospitals. It also seeks on empowering the parents to know more about the health of their children. The new program, which is being offered, has a self-guide, which enables parent to understand it better. The program also has tips on how to stay and remain healthy, what to feed children so as they can stay healthy and why essential is essential to kids (Stevens 145).Market Analysis Course Work The program will help parents understand clearly what to do when their children get sick. The program will be available to everyone (Howard 112). However, it will be more useful to parent since they are the main targets of the program. Although it is not new, the program will be extremely beneficial to parents. It will help cut on cost and enable them take charge of their children’s lives (Dunn 47).
The program is a new introduction, as a result, of the new local branch being formed in the local hospital. The new branch comprises of dispatch able doctors and a new IT department, which will be uncharged of creating, and making sure the program runs well and is easy to use by everyone. The size of the market being targeted is not large. First, the program will be only available for the locals (Johnson 256). However, if the program has a large reception and is in demand the market region will be expanded and more branches opened up to certain the growing demand. The strength of this product is that it is self-explanatory and can be self-taught. In addition, the program comes with a package where one can choose. If, one thinks they cannot understand what the program is all about and prefer a doctor to check their kid then a doctor will be provided for them.Market Analysis Course Work
The weakness and threat of the program has not been evaluated as at present. The opportunity that has been utilized to come up with this kind of product is that the research has shown that most parents would rather have their children be treated at home and by someone whom they trust. The new service and the program are merely offering the parents what they want (Howard 116). For now, it is an open market. The program is not getting competition from any other party. The aim of the program is not to enter into a competition with any other party, which will be involved, but rather to work together for the benefit the clientele. The main aim of the program is to grow and expand its reaches to many parts of the state. It also plans to expand on its clientele coverage. Market Analysis Course Work