Leukemia Detection Essay

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Leukemia Detection Essay Example

Medical imaging is an important method nowadays. It is used for the visualization & interpretation of diseases. There are different types of diseases, in which medical imaging becomes very useful like blood, brain, heart, skin etc. For this purpose, nowadays powerful instruments are available for detecting, storing, transmitting, analyzing & displaying medical images. This has led to a huge growth in the application of digital image processing techniques for solving medical problems.

The most important use of medical imaging is to develop an integrated system for the use of the clinical sector. The main purpose of analyzing through images is to collect information, detection and diagnosis of disease. It is used to control, monitor, and evaluation. Leukemia Detection Essay Example. It can be cast-off for deciding the treatment and observe the effect of treatment. Blood is the main source of information that gives an indication of changes in the health and development of specific diseases. Changes in the number of the appearance of elements that formed will guide the health condition of an individual. As compare to the other diseases, blood diseases are complex and affect to complete body.

Blood cancer is also called as Leukemia. Leukaemia is a very dangerous disease because it grows rapidly in the human body. So, late in diagnosis can lead the patient to death. In Leukemia lot of abnormal white blood cells (WBCs) are produced by the bone marrow. To detect leukaemia, a blood sample is taken by the haematologist & observe under the microscope. If the large number of abnormal WBCs are present in the blood sample then it becomes leukemic. There are different issues related to the examination of blood smear under the microscope. Leukemia Detection Essay Example.

The examination of blood smear under the microscope has the various disadvantage that is as below

It is a very time-consuming process.
The experience and tiredness is another problem which affects the result.
The number of leukaemia cases are increased day by day while as compared, the number of haematologist or technicians are less.
Due to all these problems, it needs the automation process to detect leukaemia.
This automation process or integrated system will assist the doctor to detect & monitor the disease.
The various image processing techniques are useful in the automation process of leukaemia. Image enhancement, image segmentation, sub imaging, feature extraction and classification.

Leukemia is one of the many types of cancers. Leukemia is caused in the white blood cells near the bone marrow region of our body. In this the WBCs which get infected turns blue. Like any other cancer in this also the cell divides itself at the faster pace. Most human cancers are characterized by the aberrant expression of normal and/or mutated genes, and natural selection acts on cancer cells to cause a loss of growth control, angiogenesis, invasion, and metastasis. Even when it is not required they multiply causing a tumor. Detected and treated at an early stage of leukemia saves a lot of lives. The aim of this research is to automate the detection of leukemia cells. In the scientific language, the leukemia cells are known as the blast cells. Leukemia Detection Essay Example. There are two types of acute leukemia, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). This thesis focuses on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Generally, the process of detection and classification is done manually taking up to five days. The motivation behind this research is to improve the diagnostic process by automating it and reducing its time span to five days to few hours. Nowadays, medical imaging is one of the fastest growing fields in medicine, clinical settings and research and development (R&D).

Image processing in medical field is becoming a subject of prime focus due to its tremendous potential for the public health sector and the scientific community in general. In particular, imaging applications are emerging as a new opportunity as an innovation at the meeting point between medicine and the computer science. Many software and research groups focus on the development of image processing applications for medical images, for example to improve low resolution photographic images and produce effective – high quality images.

There is no terrifying disease than cancer nowadays. It is often seen as untreatable, un curable and a very painful disease.

Leukemia detection helps in detecting blood cancer using two basic modules of image processing i.e. Image segmentation and feature extraction. After these two modules, we use two techniques of neural network i.e. feed forward network and RBFNN for the detection purposes. We compare the accuracy percentage in both of them. The technique with best accuracy percentage is recorded as the more efficient technique. More than 310,000 Americans are living with leukemia. Every day 143 Americansare detectedwith leukemia and 66 lose the fight. [23]

A brief overview of leukemia and a conceptual analysis of the main methods used for the detection and classification of leukemia cells facilitating Artificial Intelligence, Cellular Automata and Neural Networks are discussed below.

Cancer has become a data-intensive range of investigation, with growing amount of changes in data collection technologies and methodologies. In 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen discovered that X-ray tubes, utilized widely for imaging bones and then for giving a variety of circumstances. Leukemia Detection Essay Example. The technicians who ran the radiograph machines and many exposed patients were found with skin tumors and leukemia. Accurate diagnosis and sorting of blast cells is an tremendously valuable necessity for the detailed diagnosis of leukemia and has a optimistic impact on treatment and prognosis.

Blood is important part of human life. An average human body is around 70 liters of liquid from which five liters is blood. Biologically, blood is vital for preserving homeostasis that is keeping the body’s position stable. This discusses to hydration, temperature regulation and ion concentration.

a) Transfer of nutrients from the digestive system to wholly parts of the body.

b) Transportation of oxygen from the lungs to all parts of a body.

c) Transportation of carbon dioxide from all parts of the body to the lungs.

d) Transportation of waste products from cells to the external environment, especially via the kidneys.

e) Keeping an ongoing discussion of it is mechanisms with tissue fluids and keeping electrolyte balance.

f) Defending the body against attack from foreign viruses through the white blood cells and antibodies.

g) Shielding the body against injury or illness using the provocative response.

h) Preventing serious hemorrhage by the clotting process.

Blood has four main fundamentals to ensure it fulfills its functions, shown in Table 1.1

Leukemia Detection Essay Example