Legalizing Marijuana Argumentative

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Legalizing Marijuana Argumentative Essay

The weed legalization is a controversial issue. And it has been discussed for decades in the United States. The current US legislation prohibits growing, selling and possessing marijuana in all states. The consuming and transporting of cannabis are illegal as well. This situation is the same in most of the countries. However, there are some exceptions: several European countries and 16 states of the US allow medical consumption of the marijuana. Since the beginning of the 21st century the public attention of the Americans was turned twice to the cannabis legalization. Legalizing Marijuana Argumentative Essay For the first time, because of the Oakland Cannabis Buyers’ Cooperative vs United States case in 2001, when the Surpeme Court prohibited the enterprise to grow marijuana (Lane, 2005). Secondly, in 2005, during the case Gonzales v. Raich when the Court admitted that the growing of cannabis can be persecuted even in case when the state approves the pot cultivation for medical purposes. Apart from prohibition of the marijuana there are thousands voices in support of the legalization. According to Reuters, half of Americans would vote for the legalizing of the marijuana use (Johnston, 2011). Besides, several marches are held each year to defend the right for weed legalization. The recognition of the marijuana can be beneficial for the country.Legalizing Marijuana Argumentative Essay
First of all, taxation of pot production can bring enormous profit to the federal state budgets. For examples, in California, where cannabis is grown for medical purposes, annual revenue of the crop is about $14 billion annually. The 10 percent marijuana tax would yield $1.4 billion in the state (Klein, 2009). This proves the significance of the weed in the country and its potential for the US economic growth in case of the cannabis legalization.


Furthermore, the legalization process can bring other benefits for the United States. Most of the drugs smoked by the Americans are produced in Mexico. Even despite the fact that Mexican police officers burn hundreds of hectares of weed fields, smugglers manage to transport thousands of tons of cannabis annually to the United States. The legalization of marijuana in Colorado and California can decrease the activity of Mexican drug dealers (Grillo, 2011). So, the legalization process would decrease the income of Mexican cartels and decrease the crime rate in several states. Taking into account the fact that the drug dealing business is tightly related to weapon trade, there is a hope that after decrease of the cartel activity the armed conflicts would also decrease and the borders between the United States and Mexico would become safer.Legalizing Marijuana Argumentative Essay

Finally, the legalization of marijuana would bring a psychological benefit for those who smoke. It is illegal now, and for those people who are addicted to smoking or who smoke it according to the medical prescription the process causes much stress and uncomfortable feelings. With the legalization of weed this problem would be solved. It does not mean that smoking would be allowed everywhere but nobody would bring you to the prison in case you are found smoking cannabis at your own apartment.

Legalization of marijuana is a controversial and complicated process. Yet, the American nation is now ready to take this step. Modern people recognize that legalization can be more beneficial and profitable than the prohibition of the marijuana usage. And those benefits are significant for the country economical, political situation as well as for the individual feeling of comfort and protection, which is so important for every person living in a developed democratic country.Legalizing Marijuana Argumentative Essay