Legal_and_Ethical_Considerations_in_Nursing Essay

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Legal_and_Ethical_Considerations_in_Nursing Essay.

The video is about Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP)or Munchausen by proxy. MSP is a psychological disorder, which is characterized by caregivers’ attention-seeking behavior through those who are in their care. Specifically, this condition affects mothers who seek attention through their children. This discussion is based on Martha Woods, who was charged with first-degree murder of her adopted baby Paul in 1972. Consequently, she was imprisoned for 75 years.Legal_and_Ethical_Considerations_in_Nursing Essay.


This case involves three ethical issues, including patient safety, informed consent, and patient confidentiality.This case applies to the ethical issue of patient safety, which states that practitioners have to protect patients’physical, emotional, and social safety. Additionally, the case applies to the issue of informed consent. Patients and their families should sign a consent before any action is taken. On the contrary, Martha and her family were not allowed to consent before she was imprisoned for 75 years. Finally, the case applies to the issue ofthe confidentiality of the patients. This principle is against the disclosure of patients’ personal and confidential information to third parties. Nonetheless, the healthcare provider had to disclose the client’s private details to the judges to make the ruling.Legal_and_Ethical_Considerations_in_Nursing Essay.

As a nursecaring for the patient, I would urge the court to withdraw their ruling or impose a less harsh punishment on the patient. Probably, the patient did not intend to cause harm to the child, but she was triggered to do so by Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP). People diagnosed with this mental disorder tend to gainattention by seeking medical assistance for people’s exaggerated condition under their care.Legal_and_Ethical_Considerations_in_Nursing Essay.

The video indicates that Marta had MSP, which triggered her to kill her adopted son. Her cases involved three ethical issues, including patient safety, informed consent, and patient confidentiality.Legal_and_Ethical_Considerations_in_Nursing Essay.


Watch the video
Episode 9: Munchausen by Proxy: Dying for Attention (13:16)
Search one of the cases mentioned in this video and answer the following questions:
Name 3 legal and/or ethical issues- refer to your course materials for this information.
Provide an explanation of how this case applies to the issues you chose
If you were the nurse caring for the patient and was involved in the case, what would you do? Find one journal article to support your action(s).
Complete your activity on this page, PUT YOUR NAME ON IT, and submit to the drop box located in Module 4 Day 4
Legal_and_Ethical_Considerations_in_Nursing Essay.