Leading Civility in the Workplace Essay

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Leading Civility in the Workplace Essay.

Write a 3-paragraph response (of at least 350 words) to one of the given scenarios. Explain how you would respond to the selected scenario. (selected scenario: https://campaignforaction.org/resource/campaign-action-promotional-video/)Leading Civility in the Workplace Essay.
Before you begin writing, reflect on your reading from this week. Use evidence, in-text citations, and essay-level writing skills, including the use of transitional material and organizational frames.


===============================================–Leading Civility in the Workplace
Campaign for Action seeks to empower nurses to take up leadership roles and drive change in their respective organizations and practices. The campaign emphasizes nurses’ education and seeks to have advanced practice nurses be given roles equal to their level of training. However, for this to be achieved, a certain level of civility needs to be achieved in the workplace.Leading Civility in the Workplace Essay.
Given the scenario in question, a nurse leader would respond by campaigning to provide counseling and education programs. Such programs are essential in ensuring nurses understand how to cope with inappropriate and disruptive behavior that they may encounter at work. Counseling programs are especially crucial for the management of stress and resolution of conflicts within the workplace. Education programs will benefit nurse leaders as they will equip them with the tools and knowledge that will allow them to help better staff members arrest instances of incivility (Stalter et al., 2020).Leading Civility in the Workplace Essay.
A nurse leader working on the campaign in question will also seek to create reporting systems for the close monitoring of cases and allow reporting of disruptive behavior (Phillipset al., 2018). Nurses should be positioned such that they can report any disruptive behavior without fear of retribution or criticism from their supervisors and coworkers. These systems need to address cases as close as possible to the time of occurrence. When there is open communication between staff and nurse leaders, there is an improved trust that supports the resolution of inappropriate behaviors. Finally, nurse leaders need education on how to be role models of workplace civility. The culture of safety that is characteristic in healthcare settings improves when nurse leaders demonstrate respectful conduct and positive behavior towards staff members and other leaders. This will show that incivility will not be tolerated in these settings (Laschinger and Read, 2016).Leading Civility in the Workplace Essay.